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Old Photographs (part six)

A tribute….


She loved his beautiful country
the place that he called home.
There were those summers
at lake Kariba,
and camping
at Victoria falls.
Delightful drives on Sundays,
and tea at quaint Cafes.
Magical holidays in Beira
and visits from friends overseas.

There was such joy
being in a large family,
and the school run
never got her down.
The early years were so simple,
being coerced
into attending those plays.
A bit of Culture she would tell us
when enthusiasm
seemed to lack.
The “Sound of Music”
was her favourite,
and Shakespeare her delight.
She would blissfully quote the Bard’s poetry,
and sometimes
his more intense works.


When they moved homes
with unspeakable frequency
she seemed to keep a brave face,
but in retrospect I knew,
her anxiety.
Family and friends
crowded around her
always with love and care,
and sometimes to help her pack.

The years flew by,
and the kids left home,
and they forgot why they fell in love
Depression and sorrow
wounded her heart
as the distance between them grew.

The empty nest became
with almost no will to live.
She was going through the motions
of what should have been
a fulfilling and beautiful life.

She joined the Angels at 61,
our bright and shining star.
She was far too young to leave us
I feel the immeasurable gap.

The tears well up
inside me,
when I think of her glorious face.
Her legacy of love is around me
on remembering her joy and her mirth.
and I still feel her warmth
and compassion.
I know where she’s gone,
there is dancing,
somewhere above the despair.
Tears have dissolved into laughter.
There’s a sense that I’ll see her again.

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It was love at first sight when I saw you
I was at a youthful age.
Your calm and tranquil moments,
and sometimes your beautiful rage.

The glow in your tones enthralls me.
I’m captivated by your spell.
I long to swim past the breakers,
in the motion of a translucent swell.

The sun bedazzles your vastness,
and reflects your brilliant blue.
Sea birds fly over in envy,
they can see from a higher view.

I know you’ve taken Mariners
beneath your murky gloom.
Do they give you full absolution
in spite of their watery tomb?

You live in light and darkness,
but never in despair.
Heaven is aware of your glory,
and is caught in your constant glare.

I love your sultry moments
when dolphins swim above a dark sea,
and gigantic whales are dancing,
transfixed in delightful reverie.

The balmy beaches are glorious
when summer has reached its peak.
Though the deep hues of winter charm me,
when the sun has become oblique.

Oh let me forever exist in your presence
and hear your call at night,
as you bellow loudly in the darkness.
Of your magnificence, I can never lose sight….


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Once upon a time…


I lived in Wonderland,
down the rabbit hole.
I know it may sound too extreme.
A little madness took me,
as if in some waking dream.

At times I felt quite enormous,
but mostly I’ve been very small.
Gladly I met many people,
a colourful bunch to be sure.

There were those who knew me
in wide eyed wonder,
The unstable who offered me tea.
(sometimes wine)
I nearly drowned in an
ocean of tearful sorrow,
when I had no idea
who was Me..

An escape to Wonderland
gave meaning,
though curiosity
was almost my ruin.
That different person I was yesterday,
is something
I’m not pursuing!

Some characters were there in my story…
A seriously detached white rabbit,
and a Queen
who wanted my head,
and then of course
the Caterpillar
who asked too many questions,
from this debate I have fled!

I’ve had plenty of tea parties,
and a memory that has gone astray.
Sometimes the trials were relentless,
the abyss is meters away.

The journey itself
is unpredictable,
and hypnotic to say the least.
Though the lessons I’ve learned
are illuminating
wonders have never ceased!

I presently live above Earth,
in a self-knowing habitat,
with a devoted and kind Defender
and a naughty
but handsome cat!


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I was sitting too long
on my computer.
Cyber travel had captured me.

The telephone broke the silence
it was my friend,
“Let’s go out for tea”.

I did my hair,
put my best shoes on,
and ventured out in a flurry.

The coffee shop buzzed
with friendly chatter,
today there was no hurry.

Heavenly carrot cake,
magical decorations,
celebratory music in the air.

In a moment’s appreciation
and thankfulness,
I knew I’d become more aware….




Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it!

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Old Photographs (Part five)


They made their home in
the City of Gold,
amid the blossoming jacarandas.
“It’s a large family”
people would say
in tones of admiration.

Her Roast beef dinners on Sundays
with Yorkshire pudding on the side,
brought memories
of the old Country.
Though her heart was firmly placed
under the African sun,
she found herself
reminiscing at times.

There were those jovial gatherings
with family and friends
and birthday parties galore.
Christmas’ were festive affairs,
hot Turkey dinners
in the sweltering heat.
Carols drifted through
her home,
and a fir tree was trimmed
with holly.
He inevitably caught a sneaky kiss
under the mistletoe,
which made her blush!

It was a time of unending pleasure
when carefree laughter
filled her home.
Small children running free,
and swimming pools
and beach holidays
and riding bikes all day!

He longed to go back to
his country of birth,
and with time it became
more than a dream.
They packed their belongings
and once again set off,
with adventure still in their veins.

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Mellow Monday


Bitterness shifts
when I gaze
upon sunflowers.
Great Artists come to mind
amid the yellow profusion.

There’s no room for disdain,
in the presence of
such glory!
Discord is expunged,
when butterflies
gather to worship.

The problems of the world
in a gathering
of cheerful daisies.
The bees don’t seem to notice
the dissonance
of society.

I turned off the news
last night,
and listened to the singing
I heard the chorus of amphibians
breaking through
the darkness.

Can I make my abode in nature,
where disorder
has no meaning?
Where each particle that falls
holds a sacred purpose!

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The silent dancer


He wore his suit today
the tailored one.
The one that
shone a little
in the sun.

He felt as though
he was going to the ball
a lavish affair.
He sparkled some.

In understanding the mime
he was voiceless
in a gentle way.

The coins fell heavily
into his tin can,
and he came alive
with dance.

He gyrated for a moment
his face alight
but with no expression.

As he watched through darkened lenses
his fans approached.
For those who appreciated
his craft
he did an extra swirl.

Michael Jackson
could have been there
as he pirouetted in the dirt.

He went home weary
from the dance,
though a little elated.
Knowing full well
that he had been an entertainer
for the day!

He smiled as he recalled
the children’s faces.
His tin can overflowing
as he carried home
his reward!


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Mosaic magic

Since I have become a bit more of a regular blogger, I’ve seen a lot of imaginative blogs in cyberspace.

I was inspired to drive around our little village and look for interesting things to photograph.

We have a Mosaic project here and the employment opportunities are endless. It beautifies the surroundings and brings tourists,  a valuable commodity.

A Mosaic Art tour was launched in 2013 and the Tour Guide is a crafter who delights in telling stories about every mosaic installation.

Workshops are held on certain days to teach the basics of Mosaics.

Come with me on a little tour……

Teaching family values outside the Post Office…


The heartbeat of the Village…


A magnificent welcome to the Veterinary Surgery…


Beautifying our Municipal Offices….


The War Memorial outside the Town Hall….


This is to commemorate the World Cup that we hosted in 2010. It’s outside the Library…


A beautiful symbol of Unity with words to inspire. If you look closely you can see Children’s hands in the cement…


Taking a rest on the bench outside the Town Hall…


Businesses commission the team to create Artwork for their premises…


This is our big fish on the walkway to the beach…


The Lovely Guinea fowl on the traffic circle in the centre of town…


and lastly our giant Tortoise outside the Bowling club…


I hope you enjoyed the tour 🙂