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Making no demands…

lanky birds

When weariness
grows heavy
and the world
seems strange,
I return to the harmony
where light particles
change…. and lanky birds
over the sands,
accustomed to the magic
makes no demands…
the bright waters
with the gentlest waves,
as chaos is muted
in a hush
of praise!


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Like fallen dew…

wounded healers

We are the brave
our wounds… Seen from
the stars,
we exist
out of tune… Shattered
by affliction
we stand unafraid,
in confessions
of grief,
we quietly pray,
to be fluent
in compassion,
like fallen dew,
though colored
by sadness
we are lambent hues… Temporarily
while here
on this earth,
we rise from
the ruins,
to embrace
our worth …



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Light-filled celebration…

“Songbirds are taught to sing in the dark, and we are put into the shadow of God’s hand until we learn to hear Him.”


truth resides within us
a living breathing thing,
it strums on walls of darkness,
while learning how to sing…

it fuses with our heartbreak and swims against the tide,
echoing in chambers where courage dares to hide…

It seeps into the marrow
imploring the soul,
to liberate our fearfulness, that joy may be extolled…

in light-filled
defensive walls
break down…

in symphonies
of bravery,
the breath of God is found…


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I’ve been down to these waters and knelt in the slime…
in confessions of sorrow, I’ve merged
with love sublime…


It’s the hushed words
they never said,
the waking hours
of absolute dread…
it’s the countless dreams
that did not wake,
the deafening silence
of earthshattering quakes…

yet it’s an utterance that still has wings, the bounty of mysterious things…


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To my dear old Dad…

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all  we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there will ever be to know and understand.”
― Albert Einstein

my father

I don’t really know for sure what my Father wanted me to be exactly, it was something in the line of Doctor or Engineer, it definitely wasn’t a poet or a dreamer. In some of his tipsy tirades, he would tell me he would love me more if I was successful, and to him, success meant having a degree or a doctorate or some kind of scholarly credentials. Being a rebel and a dreamy earthling, this didn’t resonate with me at all.

He would make me sit with him for hours while he fixed the washing machine and I had to memorize all the tiny parts. Maybe I was more of a *“handlanger” than anything else, but his plan was to inspire me to become an engineer like him. Having the ability to daydream while in a serious conversation with anyone has held me in very good stead over the years. It is actually one of my superpowers. Thanks to my Dad I became quite accomplished at not listening while pretending to.

I was born into a family of achievers, but secretly I never had much ambition. I preferred to watch plants grow, play with my pets, dress up, and pick flowers than get all serious and intellectual.
To my Dad, this was a weakness, and I often wondered if he loved me, because I actually failed his admission test. It bothered me for years and I grew up feeling highly inadequate, hiding in shadows so that no one would ask me what I do, too embarrassed to pronounce my occupation.

Perhaps my Dad knows now that I did become a Doctor and an Engineer, not the kind who stands up on podiums with a cape and hat being handed an award, but one who can diagnose humans and broken washing machines just by the noise they make. I’m not a specialist though, so I’m not afraid to refer them to experts in their field if need be.

So perhaps on earth, I disappointed my Father by being a dreamer, but in heaven, it could be quite a high achievement. Don’t get me wrong I’m in awe of people who build bridges, educate children, wangle numbers and fix bodies, but it seems they are defined by those things.

Recently a friend told me that her husband looks just like the accountant he is, and proudly so. It got me to thinking about what I look like, what defines me.
Do we all dress, walk, speak like our earthly careers, and what happens when our lifetime achievements get pulled from under us?

My Dad was an Electrical engineer, he should have looked like Albert Einstein with a shock of hair on top of his head. Instead, he looked like an old git in a safari suit.
Maybe he didn’t care back then like we do now. So much has changed. Who wants to look like a schoolmarm anyway?

People don’t ask me anymore what I do, perhaps it’s my age or perhaps I throw off a “don’t ask me” vibe. I’m disappointed though, I want to be asked….and this is what I’ll tell them. I’m a light-bearer on my 100th or so cycle through the earth. I’ve been all of the above and on this my hopefully last cycle I don’t need to be anyone. Actually, being a nobody is quite enough for me right now!
Is it just a pipe dream that I can discard these robes of ego?

Thanks to my Dad who came to make me feel very small and inadequate about myself while he was here, I learned to see other earthlings as vulnerable holders of light. To see through their façades right into their beautiful essence. Another superpower I hope to be proud of someday. He actually did me a favor…

We are spirits taking on a human experience, sometimes overwhelmed by the need to fit in or stick out, whichever fits. My recommendations always are watching more sunsets, smelling more flowers, sitting and doing nothing for as long as the mind will allow, and getting in touch with the incredibly beautiful beings that we are. If that ain’t a career, I don’t know what is!!
Ok well, I don’t get paid for it but every flower and dandelion appreciates the attention, and perhaps my reward will be in heaven after all….

If we really believed that we are all in this together and that we have been both peasant and king, and everything in between, wouldn’t we be singing along with the Beetles… “all we need is love”?

and thanks also to Albert Einstein for making me believe in the importance of imagination…

*“handlanger”- Gofer


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Bountiful gatherings…


boutiful gatheringsWhen life stacks up
against me
and ominous winds blow,
I go down to the waters
and soak in
the flow… I mingle with sunlight
ever watchful
of my breath,
and in deep gratitude
I regain my strength… I hold space for butterflies,
as my burdens
drift away,
I gab with
the wild geese
forgetting yesterday… meandering through
the reeds
I lean into the grass,
walking on the waters
painted like glass… And in the reflection
beauty is unveiled,
in bountiful gatherings,
my sadness is exhaled…