Being Human

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

being human

Have gratitude in every season, allow kindness to overflow,
the future will take care of itself, when you let bygones go!

Forgive those who wrong you, it will dissipate your pain,
bitter afflictions will melt, where the injury remains!

It’s not easy to be real; in a world caught in greed,
consciousness within you, longs to intercede!

Divine light guides you, to the inherent nature of being,
in rooms of authentic Earthlings; you find your truest meaning……



Stand in the silence of who you are meant to be…..

There are six teachings that you might misinterpret: patience, yearning, excitement, compassion, priorities, and joy. Pema Chödrön

The misinterpretations are:

  1. You’re patient when it means you’ll get your way but not when your practice brings up challenges.
  2. You yearn for worldly things but not for an open heart and mind.
  3. You get excited about wealth and entertainment but not about your potential for enlightenment.
  4. You have compassion for those you like and admire but not for those you don’t.
  5. Worldly gain is your priority rather than cultivating loving-kindness and compassion.
  6. You feel joy when your enemies suffer, but you do not rejoice in others’ good fortune.


These six teachings inspired me to write this poem…….

Stand in the silence of who you are meant to be,
don’t let the crowd coerce you to touch the money tree!

Yearn for hearts wide open when you lose your way,
into worldly possessions try not to stray!

Enlightenment is knocking at the door of your heart,
let the desire for worldly gain, quietly depart!

Treat compassion as if you were close friends,
not just for loved ones, but for those who will offend!

When you cultivate loving kindness, outcasts need it too,
you’ll see light in each Earthling, if you look from mercy’s view!

Go back to the beginning, and be grateful for your flaws,
jewels of radiance will form in you, and your soul will soar!

When you live authentically, it gives hope to the lost,
it may tear you wide open, and they may call you soft…

but you will find sacred truth, in realms where you belong,
being truly human, singing *nobility’s song!

The quality of being noble in Character:-
virtue, goodness, honour, honesty, decency, integrity, magnanimity, generosity, selflessness, bravery.

Silent watcher

“Be the silent watcher of your thoughts and behaviour. You are beneath the thinker. You are the stillness beneath the mental noise. You are the love and joy beneath the pain.”
― Eckhart Tolle


my thoughts
take me places,
i don’t want to go.
in hostile surroundings,
i see delusions show!

accusations and regrets,
of a jumbled mind.
i believed the ranting,
my perceptions are unkind!

as a silent watcher,
i relinquish thoughts
and decrees,
forebodings slowly evaporate
and judgments decrease!

The garden of my dreams

“Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.”
― Caroline Myss

garden of my dreams

In the secret garden
of my dreams,
I’ve summoned all my futile schemes.

I’ve planted daisies one by one,
and exposed them to
too much sun!

I’ve let the herbs grow wild and free,
but there is no guarantee,
that they would love the soil they live in.
In my state of vain oblivion,
I’ve drowned them in a sea of shade,
and made their tender roots decay!

And when I tried to compensate,
I forgot to water until it’s too late!

But in the midst of the wildest bush,
tomatoes blossomed,
and tasted good.

And there amid a barren land,
with things I do not understand,
organic buds peek above the ground,
a euphonious feeling,
a fragrant sound,
of what was truly meant to be,
misread favor,
the sweetest pea.

Surprises growing everywhere,
and as I kneel
to say my prayers.
I give thanks for mercies every day,
and how many blessings
will outweigh,
the heartbreak and the fearful times,
the unpredictability
of God’s design!

No words needed

Have you ever seen a seed fallen to earth, not rise with new life?
Why should you doubt the rise of a seed named human?
― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi

no need for words

i don’t need words,
i know they’re hard to find.
i’m caught up
in the whirlwind
of my chaotic mind!

but when i see your face,
shining like the sun,
glowing in the darkness,
it’s a love
i won’t outrun!

i’ve thrown myself on the mercy ,
of what life has given,
taking each day,
to make
my suffering written.

living in the aftermath,
of unbearable sorrow,
i know each step leads me,
back to,
a brighter tomorrow…

The Craving

“What we all want, really, is to be loved. That craving drives our worst behavior.”
― Jodi PicoultHandle with Care

the craving 2

he stood there
quaffing whisky,
and smoking cigarettes

the disease had taken both him
and those he loved,
right out of consciousness,
and made them relics
from another world,
unsightly abominations
disfigured by their wounds!

the fragments of his life,
once placid,
lay scattered all around
in hopeless shards
and pierced the very essence of those he loved!

feather beds where no more comfort
in the underbelly where
pain was forged,
like screaming steel!

life-long friends
became veiled
and sorrowful,
and out of reach,
in this disease that took his life.
infectious as it was
it drove an unhappy blade into the heart of love
and stripped away the love,
that was once
so nurturing!

morsels of hope
were spoken in garbled tones
of regret
and longing.
unanswered prayer
tormented his waking,
he screamed his supplications,
and begged  for redemption!

the prison of his mind
had long ago discarded the need for higher things;
the craving knew no bounds
and ate a large mass
of what his life should be!

on the streets
of his own loathing,
a no man’s land of broken souls,
a chasm grew between him
and those he loved.
he became of not a noble kind,
his life permeated with lies,
the kind he had never known,
or understood,
the craving had begun!

each member had become diseased
and had lost the art of truth,

in tightened sphincters
his contrition grew
to fever pitch.

if he could reach this love again,
he knew that hope would belong,
and the light of knowing
would illuminate his mind!

they had each painted glossy pictures
on walls built by suffering,
hiding their pain,
so no one would ever know
the bitter despair
that raged day and night,
and the toxic shame
chiselled into stone
of broken hearts,
that hurt penned in blood
of the many years
that had been swallowed by tears!

though an end should come,
they said,
but what end would it be?

Counted among the stars!

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi


Who are we among the throng of
main stream life,
but fragmented images
on instagram,
obscure voices on twitter,
trying to be heard above the din
of mediocrity!
To never stop hoping,
even in the
maelstrom of media frenzy,
that justice and peace
will cry aloud!

But are we merely snapshots of ourselves,
set in timeless motion,
with smiles that mask our insignificance?

We yearn to be known,
to be loved,
and deep beneath our imperfections
we feel the breath that gives us life.
Our souls quake
at these fabrications!

In the silent womb of longing,
we realize
that we are counted among the stars!

in self-obsessed boulevards
of malcontent,
we cannot always see beyond the indulgence
of worldly wants!
Glittery tinsel that won’t
absorb the pain
for long!

Yet He who has counted
every hair on our heads,
and perceives our thoughts
from afar,
also knows our rising
and our falling.

And underneath this tiresome ache
of insignificance,
we find ourselves one with all that is,
bright lights
in a mystical Universe.

We must rise above the tempest
of hatred and violence
that threatens our planet,
and beckon each soul
to join us,
and be saturated
in grace and love.
We are transcendent Earthlings
attempting to transfigure
the trajectory of