how do i breathe

Day twenty seven…..

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise!”
― Victor HugoLes Misérables

tarrot card the sun

how do i breath                  you ask
through the lungs of God i say

how do i even stand
when hope
has passed away

i float on Angel wings
in sanctuaries of grace       the sun shines on my countenance
and bestows its healing rays

why do you even pray
when tears don’t evaporate
because i am alive           i say
and eternal love prevails

so in the deepest silence
even in a masquerade
how do i honestly breathe
please let the sun explain

the motion of the earth never passes away
trees and flowers obey
regenerating another day

how do i wake each day        when i am still afraid
how do tears dry
when i feel betrayed

the sun touches my window       its existence i can’t evade
and the universe tells me
there are no mistakes

so tell me                       how do you breathe
when life dissipates
with a grateful heart                i say
and what remains
i appreciate

because, in the sun’s light       i fly
to love that can’t be erased
and like the moon i reflect
each sunrise
i celebrate


poetry month



Day twenty three….

the lightness of being 2

My Mother always used to say, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it!”

They just keep talking at me. I don’t want to hear a word
they’re saying. These echoes of my mind, submerge me in
a sea of voices, comments, the screeching din of gossip. On
every corner, on roads, on bilboards, on pages, on screens, a
cacophony of harsh tones, dialogues of malice. It disturbs the
equilibrium of kindness. Revealing secrets to the wind, even
the trees would be ashamed of. Loose tongued utterances, which
cannot be recalled, or gathered, or even undone. Distorted words
reverberate on sanctuary walls, hideouts, were the innocent
huddle in hushed tones. Perpetrators of hearsay speak out
in jarring malevolence, of what they think is true. The dissonant
language of gossip, suffocates the joy of everyday life.
*Because the house of a louder talker, leaks……..
* African proverb Zulu Tribe


poetry month

a little bit of crazy

Day twenty…..
“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
― Rumi

aliitle b of cray cray

i hope you all realiZe by now, that i don’t really know what i’m dOing…

pOEtic licEnce iS mY tHinG,
Of cHaOtic fOrm.

stanzas, verses,
lyrics inside. cathartic emotiOns. crimsOn designs.
i strum and hum an inner tune. discard words.
sometimes fume!

i rhyme
i dOn’t
i scribble sacred words
i make sense
and i SOUND absurd

you like it
you don’t
that’s okay
my egO caught fire, but i’m dousing the flames.
though sparks in the embers will always rEmain!

thank you for fOllowing and responding with care, for plunging into daydreams and my seas of despair…..
i sEE other worlds
through my computer screen
a mystic porthole of hopes and dreams
flOwers, vistas, cities and towns…………’s all quite wonderful when i LOOK around.

i get up in the morning and see sun, birds, and wOrds
i drink my COFFEE.
i make the bed.
i remember. i forget          and harmony       sometimes                  occurs….

i try to fathom the meaning of life      waking            SLEEPING             contemplating the Divine

this is my anthem………………you can hum alOng!


poetry month

Let’s make Earth great again!

Day eleven….
State of the Earth Address….


I came here to tell you; that the oceans are dying
the rain forests are crying,
and the Earth is in pain!
The climate is changing,
resources are threatened,
and there’s insufficient rain!

We live in a world where greed is foremost,
money’s our idol,
and possessions our gain!
Wars keep on waging,
hatred escalating,
and the innocent are slain!

There’s devastating poverty,
and untold suffering,
extinction of species,
can we explain?

Make mindfulness our passion,
succour the homeless,
become peacemakers,
make Earth great again!

Don’t squander our inheritance
on war and destruction,
in progress’ name!
Let’s saturate our lands with dignity and promise,
and food that sustains.

Lay down arms, and support Earth’s alliance,
with peaceful campaigns.
Embrace the broken; feed the hungry,
that decency be regained!

Save the rainforests,
and the abundance of the oceans,
become more humane!

Love one another, all Earth’s children,
take care of our planet,
make Earth great again!

image courtesy of PixaBay
poetry month

Taking form

Day Seven…

Painter speaking to dreamer…

canola fields

you squander your time
over thinking,
you are good enough!”

“I can paint pictures,
from imaginary worlds,
inside of your head.”

“cast out your thoughts
with raw emotion,
let them vanish into my
colorful pigment….”

“I can transmit your thoughts in paint!”

“I will set you free
onto wholesome canvas,
where dreams are expressed in color,
and movement!”

“and this longing will awaken,
and dreaming,
will begin
to take form!”


Day six….


i keep seeing dragonflies           oh            it is such a thrill
or make-believe?
i’ve choked on that bitter pill

i cling to intense memories and fragments of his life
maybe i’m insane          i don’t care
presence soothes my cries

doors opening when dawn breaks              is it just a dream?
the mysterious unseen!

have you ever missed someone
so much
that it hurts
to the bone?

for the unknown!

did i survive                                                               i don’t know
i’m really not that brave
my child is gone
buried in tears                     confessions from the grave!


i’m ransacking heaven in this nebulous expanse          he’s right here beside me
oh say that you understand!

poetry month

Wordy Wednesday

The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb
― Pink Floyd

dont call me bitch

when i was a child you said some words,
now i know,
it seems absurd,
but on that day,
i changed forever
perhaps i should’ve just said
but i let it grow into my bones,
those words stung
when i was alone,
you never knew the harm you did,
i was just a defenceless kid!

but i grew to believe those words,
a thing you shouldn’t
say to girls,
and now i am grown,
what can i say,
in remembrance of that hurtful day.
I’ll shout it out….
“I’m not a bitch!”
even scream it
at fever pitch!

i remember the trees crumpled in shame,
when you called me,
disparaging names!
forgiveness has always been my quest,
but never say,
those words
in jest…..