Eternal love

“You are the root of heaven, the morning star, the bright moon, the house of endless love.”
― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi

heaven stevie

there’s a place,
an open door,
straddled between this world,
and yours.
my mind’s eye
can see your face,
in translucent dreams
i embrace,
mysteries of heaven’s design,
eternal love,
in realms sublime!


Fields of forgetfulness

“At the deepest level of Being, you are one with all that is”
― Eckhart TolleThe Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

fields of flowers

butterflies fluttering
in open fields,
i sight forgetfulness
among the weeds!

living the moment
and all it contains,
a breakthrough of promise,
my hope remains!

birds chatter as loud
as they please,
mellow configurations
under the trees.

i gaze upwards
at the vast expanse,
and watch clouds assemble
for a sacred dance!


The Valley of Desolation

“We need time to move through the pain of loss. We need to step into it, really to get to know it, in order to learn”
― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

parched land

Every year I watch families come together
for the festive season,
and each time it becomes more excruciating
than the last.
Maybe a series of bad choices
has brought me to this valley
of desolation,
a place where scarecrows
come to
feast on my bones!

I step into the black tar
of bitterness
and ask why?
Why should I be dealt such a bad hand as this?
Like a wave consuming me
I’m taken into the depths,
by the stench of my own pity.

Peering up through a distorted lens,
through the murky layers
of water,
in sightless trance,
I’m mesmerised.

I can’t see the sun,
or the crescent moon.
I’m concealed in the depths
and darkness has trapped me,
beneath the bright light
of awareness.

I long to be comforted,
but how,
when I am so lost,
so far from home,
and ruin stands outside my door!

In this unwelcome habitat,
I want to hide from all truth,
and just taste the
sweet nectar of heaven.

If I come to the surface too suddenly,
and see reality for what it is,
I may just evaporate
into a million particles
and disappear
into a timeless void.

I may become suffocated by this dreadful wound,
and it may bleed out into oceans of despair.

So for now
I will let docile waters
of unknowing comfort me,
and lull me into sweet oblivion.
I will let fragrant moments,
and lilies of the valley
be my sun
and my moon.
I won’t look too hard into
the place
where pain debilitates me,
until I’m ready.

Instead, I will let waters of silence wash over me,
with the promise of eternity
in my eyes,
and tender zephyrs of abiding love
will touch my weakened form.

I do not belong to a world
where there is no pain,
so what hope is there for me?
Should I starve myself of life
and become a nonentity,
a vagabond,
on waterless wastelands?

This wound will heal,
I know,
but I must protect myself from harm,
until the pain is not longer agonizing to the touch,
until fields of joy entice me back.

I must immerse myself
in the present moment.
and face this grief with tenderness,
so that I can gently rise
into acceptance
and understanding!

I must rest in the knowledge
that I can belong again
to this race called human!


The rose of Sharon

“I will soothe you and heal you,
I will bring you roses.
I too have been covered with thorns.”

tenderness encloses me now,
in divine orbit,
of hushed vows.

with gossamer wings,
angels tread,
and faint complexions
of light spread.

even a rose’s beauty glows,
though thorns are not her final show.

Soft petals cascade to the ground,
and tender shoots
of joy be found.

the creator’s gift of sacrifice,
the hope within us,
comes alive!

seeds rise from ashen spheres,
sprinkled with,
heavenly tears!


Closer than my skin…

“In that moment I am sure of the hope of heaven,
and I don’t want anyone to leave till they are too!”
by Anna Whiston-Donaldson
Rare Bird: A memoir of loss and love.

crack 2

These are the words I wrote when I knew my son’s body had returned to dust………

God is closer than my skin,
that’s when I know I’ve entered in,
to Love’s excessive overflow,
a tingling sensation,
a silent glow!

My life turned empty,
I’m all fall down,
pity parties create the sound,
a rumble
in grief’s sacred realms,
I’m overwhelmed!

Can joy be very far away,
to keep me from grief’s decay?
I turn my face towards the sun
allow my fears to be undone!

Flash floods of pain come to pass,
in secluded seas
of contrasts,
of joy and sorrow,
inside out,
of healing rains,
and fearsome droughts.

I’ve found the shelter of His wings,
a place where death
has no sting.

And the holy dust of all my dreams,
gets caught
in phosphorescent beams!