Six word saturday

My other son… Earth Angel.

my earth angle


For Satish

“Tell the truth, traveller, or you create issues hard to overcome later.”
― Elaina J. DavidsonThe Kinfire Tree

steve on mountain

Dedicated to my Sage also named *Satish by his friends from India, my beloved son.
Your honesty was truly noble……..

What happens when great Sages pass,
are their words lost
in a heedless morass,
does the sinkhole of broken dreams,
confine their residual beams!

Hold on to the raw honesty of being;
give courage to souls out there bleeding!

Crimson rivers of honesty,
inspire us
to grow consciously!

Keepsakes of what being human really means,
embedded with a soulful guarantee!

Particles of pain,
trying to explain!

throw down your mask,
and pen
dark rhapsodies,
relinquish this hollow humanity…

*The name Satish means “one who speaks the truth”.


Halls of Admiration

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”― Kahlil Gibran

love lost

these are the words I heard them say;
that he would always make a way,
to be kind and generous,
despite his pain,
a hero,
the tears can’t contain!

he found vulnerability,
a beautiful thing.
their words,
their messages,
to them I cling!

he was real,
he was transparent,
voices filled the air.
in difficult circumstances,
and all he had to bear,
he’d give the shirt off his back,
and for the homeless,
he built a shack.

they said he was human,
the way we are meant to be,
though in humility
he could not see,
how he stood by a friend
when others condemned.

in his truest nature
he was soft,
he helped the broken when they were lost!

a big hearted man,
their best friend,
they are broken because
of his journey’s end!

“he believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself”,
these word imprinted
at his farewell!

he never tried to hide who he was,
he made them laugh!

the cherished moments they spent with him,
he touched their lives,
never judged their sins.
the wisdom he bestowed,
his kindness flowed!

for some he was their only true friend,
his death they cannot

pretence was never his thing,
a dreamer,
with heavenly wings.

“i have never met a man like him”,
his words were true,
his light never dim!

“i’m thankful he was in my life,
he was so real”,
he was inspired!

“no one understood me like he did”,
he was passionate about
the life he lived!

but in the end when wounds seeped out,
he felt so lonely,
he was filled with doubts!

by his side i have always remained,
the light of my life,
i’ve made peace with shame.

i nursed him when his world got shattered,
my boy,
my son,
only our love really mattered……

in my eyes he was such a forgiving soul,
no bitterness in his heart
would hold!

so pay it forward for my Son,
be light,
be grace,
love everyone!

for in truth,
he was a wounded being,
forever seeking….

In his death he has
been given rest,
be kind,
would have been his last request…


Made in His likeness

martin luther king jr 2

Why go back to darkness,
when light is plain to see.
Amid all the conflict,
love sets disunity free!

Kindness is the antidote
to a world full of strife.
Release the chains of hostility,
and praise the great design!

All Earthlings are made in His likeness,
with the power to create.
Let’s develop unbreakable connections,
so that love will remain!

Commemorating Woman’s Day

The holiday commemorates the national march of women on this day in 1956 to petition against legislation that required African persons to carry the “passbook” … On August 9, 1956, 20,000 women staged a march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against proposed amendments to the act.

(Significant Acts of the Apartheid Era, enforcing the separation of races. The Natives (Urban Areas) Act of 1923 deemed urban areas in South Africa as belonging to whites and required all black African men in cities and towns to carry around a pass book at all times.)

womans day

Lessons in Leadership

madiba 8Be like the man
who cared for humanity,
he lived his life
in gentle humility.
Be like the man
who embraced
all religions
forgiveness his mantra
when he came out of prison.
Be like the man
who loved all people,
not judging their status,
he fought for freedom.
Be like the man
who never desired riches,
he shared his possessions
and built many bridges.
Be like the man
whose voice can be heard
from beyond the hills
a modest shepherd.
Be like the man,
who was prepared to lay
down his life,
to bring freedom to the masses
and make poverty decline.
Be like the man
who fought for his nation
loved by the world,
incredible gracious!