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let the light in…

I was inspired by this quote…
“I wish I could show you
when you are lonely or in the darkness,
the astonishing light of your own being.”

With kindness,
we let the light in
and love embodies us
emanating through our skin…

With gratitude
we let the light in
and as we glow
the darkness
slowly dims…

With peace
we let the light in
and grace abounds
emerging from within…

With joy
we let the light in
and faith grows
the relentless din…

It’s with radiance, we gradually re-emerge,
remembering that
it’s our light that lights the world…


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“Soul speak”

“Draw alongside the silence of stone
Until its calmness can claim you.”
― John O’Donohue

when words bubble up
from streams of consciousness
I am aware of their magic.

I feel blessed by an affinity to light.
but sometimes I get plugged up
with mediocrity and
unable to call up the magic.

Unfavored in my endeavors to rekindle prose,
I become frightened
that the words will never return.
I look into my abyss of madness
and my senses remind me
that light is always present.

It’s my connection to the mystical
my connection to grace and love
it’s a supernatural resonance
that springs forth from my own darkness
and decorates these pages with joy.

I call it “soul speak”


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Blushing beauties

flowers bowed in worship
to the rain gods
that brought them back to life,
their face softly glowing in the morning light.
gazing into the sun
they grow into blushing beauties
unable to live and be abundant
without the energy of light
so they let it in…

We had a heatwave this past weekend and no flowers budded on this bush for a while.
It was predicted to be 38 C but luckily we live near the coast
and we had a blanket of sea mist keeping us cool.


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“I am in the house of mercy and my heart is a place of prayer.”
― Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

I pray for
eyes to be open
minds to be freed
peace to surround us
and love to intercede.

for faith to be present
joy to be real
grace to be abundant
and our broken world
to heal… 


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We are the celebration…

“When you perceive another in love, they are changed by that act.”
-The Guides through Paul Selig

let’s become the presence of celebration
and even when emotions are strained
and we are merged with pain
meet me there,
among the desolation.
Let’s pick up our broken pieces together.

I will bring my offerings as human as I am
deeply flawed, yet illuminated by the radiance of stardust…

let’s gather again and shout out long stories
that require presence,
our unfinished confessions
our wild imaginations.

let’s be whimsical
and listen intently to cicadas at twilight
and begin again
to softly glow with the landscape..

let’s put the world on hold
and call up who we were
before the foundation of the earth!
Where the shores of tomorrow are unafraid
and we only see through the eyes of unconditional love…

let’s re-discover who we are and what we are doing here,
as our vain opinions scatter like dust
and our true selves rise like the dawn…


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Meet me where flower beds are gentle…

Meet me at a place of love,
a reunion,
where hearts need no words to speak
and grace is measureless…

let’s chant together sweet melodies
that release us from our dark obsessions.

Let’s go where flower beds are gentle
and lands grow fertile with joy…

where dance is everlasting
and our anthems are heard among the constellations.