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I was born to…

“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret –
you return to the beauty you have always been.”
― Aberjhani, Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

I was born to

I was born to dance
to be wild
to feel love deep in my bones…

I was born to remember
to forgive
to be imprinted with my soul’s anthem…

I was born to worship
to praise
to be light scattered by heaven…

I was born to sing
to be beautiful
to throw my cares to the wind…

I was born to be free
to be unashamed
to be the magnificence of all creation…

I was born to reflect joy
to bask in eternal radiance
to be the simplicity of grace…


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Signs are all around….

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
– Albert Einstein

coin 2

I’m reading a book about “Signs” by Laura Lynne Jackson, and numerous times I have asked my son to send me coins.
In the book, she talks about how her Dad sends her penguins as a sign that he is with her.
So this morning I go on Facebook and this is what I get in quick succession…
It blew my mind…..


Art by Carol Nelson

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It’s faith….#dayfour

Faith is believing in the unseen order of things…
-Glennon Doyle


It’s fragile confessions
uttered at dawn,
revelations that you can go on!

It’s the bleeding out
of every fear,
anthologies of copious tears,
it’s an inner creed,
faith unseen
it’s the hope that floats in the in-between!

It’s surrender,
it’s sacrifice,
a giving up of one’s very own life!
A deep awakening
from disbelief,
a gentle feeling of being released…


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“Whoever finds love
beneath hurt and grief
disappears into emptiness
with a thousand new disguises”
― Jelalludin Rumi

what is your grief three

It’s the exhalation
from breathless lungs,
the suffocation
of songs unsung…
It’s vulnerability when 
you’re not awake,
a deep foreboding
you cannot shake…
an unfathomable longing
for the truth,
the heartbreak of what’s been consumed…
it’s veiled impressions,
it’s the unexpected outpouring of eternity…


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What is your grief…#daytwo

grief 1

It’s a gentle awakening
from disbelief,
a quiet location for the bereaved,
tender moments that called me out,
sublime outlooks that dispelled doubt…
It’s the smell of composure in the afternoon,
sounds that echo across the lagoon…
It’s birds that chatter all day long,
And glorious visions that we all belong…


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I’ll write you a letter….

dance in the particles

I’ll write you a letter,
promise you’ll reply,
tell me of the angels that color the skies…

the sadness still lingers,
lays heavy on my chest,
I’m broken in pieces
though I have acquiesced
to what has been given
sensing you’re not gone
you live in the ether,
the great beyond…

I’ll abide in the silence so that I feel your voice,
call out the darkness
when my eyes are still moist…

Send your messengers,
write on leaves,
whisper at daybreak,
I promise to believe…
and I’ll treasure each rainbow,
collect every beam,
I’ll skip through puddles,
and grow cosmic dreams…

Just keep on scribbling your yarn in the skies,
dance in the particles before my eyes,
and when the day’s over and my soul is at rest,
stay in the fabric
of wondrousness…

Touch the essence of divinity,
open my heart to epiphanies,
and as the words gather,
teach me your ways
let my mind wander
into ceaseless praise…