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Twinkling lights…

“I rest in the grace of the world and I am free.”
― Wendell Berry, The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry

I settled
by night
in the tender fold
of twinkling lights
and the moon’s
soft hold…
I was touched
by the peace
of wild things,
the evening’s stillness
against my skin,
I sank into lawns
of emerald green,
with a tingly feeling
of the unseen,
when words mean less
than the movement
of love,
I’m bathed
in essence
of the stars above…


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Elements of fluency…

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play with your hair”
– Khalil Gibran – The Prophet.

There was a gathering
of rose-colored clouds,
an octave of joy
spoken out loud.
a honeyed light
touching my skin,
graceful messengers
on butterfly wings..

and the element of fluency
was everywhere,
a sacred antidote
to human despair…

this celebration of immeasurable things,
freed me from the heaviness
of transient limbs…


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Day 8. Just outside the gate this morning…

“What do you dream about?”
she asked me,
I dream
of universal harmony,
a world sweeter
and kinder than this,
like stars colliding
when lovers kiss…

I dream of oceans
teeming with life,
no more hostility,
no more strife…

I dream of hunger
being a thing
of the past,
I dream of unity,
and peaceful forecasts…

Of love revivals
over all the Earth,
of great awakenings
of glorious rebirth…


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valuable daughters
the richness of Africa
tokens of repect


*Lobola; a bride price, typically of cattle, paid to a bride’s father.
THE traditional custom of lobola, also known as “bride-price” or “bride-worth”, may sometimes be misunderstood by western eyes but in African culture, it is a ritual that helps to bring two families closer together.
It is aimed at developing mutual respect, and showing that a woman’s future husband is capable of financially supporting his wife.
It is a token of thanks and appreciation on the groom’s part to the family of the bride for their care over her and for allowing her to become his wife.