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Tides turn…

“Let’s swim to the moon
Let’s climb through the tide
Surrender to the waiting worlds
That lap against our side.”
― Jim Morrison

I am saturated by grace
though I drink from a cup of sorrow…

I eat at the table
of forgiveness
and I am beloved
beyond the story
of who I think I am
or who I think I ought to be…

There’s a presence
at the turning
of the tides
holding the particles of sand
and letting them fall…

a gathering
of hearts and minds
the shoreline,

holding space
for the winds of change
as I stand firm and welcome joy…


This is a re-worked piece from a year ago and I am still waiting…

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“May your heart always be joyful. May your song always be sung.”
― Bob Dylan

Dance with the rivers
flow with the skies
listen to the call
of wild geese on high

Put your ear to the ground and feel the earth shift
let love be
embrace your gifts

the earth is in motion to rhythms of joy
breaking us open
that fear be destroyed

And even in darkness when light is unseen
search for beauty
in stars as they gleam

You will awaken
to your soul’s joyful song
nourished by love
you’ll believe
you belong

to the wonders of heaven
to the grace of the earth
to the magical creatures who remind us of mirth…


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Conditions of kindness!

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment
in which it grows, not the flower.”
― Alexander Den Heijer

We each have the answer inside of us
we all know our way back to joy,
we just need conditions of kindness
someone to hear our voice…

and when growth happens and our truth is realized,
we’ll step back into beauty
and throw off this awful disguise!


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“May your prayer of listening deepen enough
to hear in the depths the laughter of god.”
― John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings

I attended a convention
on the sands,
a sacred meeting
on hallowed lands,
The teaching was
to just be,
to gaze out at
the cerulean sea..
worshipers warmed
by the morning light,
Forgetful of the cold dark night…

listening intently to pounding waves,
one with the ripple
of silent praise!

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Butterfly landings….

“What is magic? In the deepest sense, magic is an experience.
It’s the experience of finding oneself alive within a world that itself is alive.
It is the experience of contact and communication between oneself
and something that is profoundly different from oneself:
a swallow, a frog, a spider weaving its web.”
– David Abram

touch down on serenity,
come to rest in faith,
turn over your senses to a whimsical gaze…

gather the beauty of fiestas of light,
relinquish fear,
let bitterness take flight…

run from the chaos, keep your distance from harm,
kneel in the presence
of a butterfly’s charms…

and believe in the magic that keeps expanding,
lie down in meadows,
in butterfly landings…

may these messengers of hope quicken your soul,
summon you to communion,
where love extols…

and into the cosmos you will blissfully blend,
if you make these creatures your constant friends…


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Talking to myself…

be led astray
by ladybirds,
and wild bouquets…

as your feet touch the ground
relish the sounds
that emanate from the earth
and feel the mirth
of warblers at play
be present
stay a while…
and pray!

merging with grace
as nature holds a space
for the longing
of your soul…
gladly lose control!

as wildness informs
be transformed
by sacred emissions
as you quietly listen…

and hear what’s unsaid
in caterpillar

There are things more important than the news
or Howard Hughes
or your Sunday shoes…
rather be amused!

as you fall into the knowing
that loveliness is growing
underneath your feet
become replete
with all that is…
be frivolous!

Make a decision
to wait
and listen
to the grasses a hissing
and butterflies a kissing…

And grow into peace
it passes understanding
be less demanding!

on walkways of blessings,
in the neighborhood
of heaven,
you’ll feel your burdens lessen…