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Butterfly landings….

“What is magic? In the deepest sense, magic is an experience.
It’s the experience of finding oneself alive within a world that itself is alive.
It is the experience of contact and communication between oneself
and something that is profoundly different from oneself:
a swallow, a frog, a spider weaving its web.”
– David Abram

touch down on serenity,
come to rest in faith,
turn over your senses to a whimsical gaze…

gather the beauty of fiestas of light,
relinquish fear,
let bitterness take flight…

run from the chaos, keep your distance from harm,
kneel in the presence
of a butterfly’s charms…

and believe in the magic that keeps expanding,
lie down in meadows,
in butterfly landings…

may these messengers of hope quicken your soul,
summon you to communion,
where love extols…

and into the cosmos you will blissfully blend,
if you make these creatures your constant friends…

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Talking to myself…

be led astray
by ladybirds,
and wild bouquets…

as your feet touch the ground
relish the sounds
that emanate from the earth
and feel the mirth
of warblers at play
be present
stay a while…
and pray!

merging with grace
as nature holds a space
for the longing
of your soul…
gladly lose control!

as wildness informs
be transformed
by sacred emissions
as you quietly listen…

and hear what’s unsaid
in caterpillar

There are things more important than the news
or Howard Hughes
or your Sunday shoes…
rather be amused!

as you fall into the knowing
that loveliness is growing
underneath your feet
become replete
with all that is…
be frivolous!

Make a decision
to wait
and listen
to the grasses a hissing
and butterflies a kissing…

And grow into peace
it passes understanding
be less demanding!

on walkways of blessings,
in the neighborhood
of heaven,
you’ll feel your burdens lessen…

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Daisy, Daisy…

I’ve been touched by gentleness, in times of despair,
drenched in hurt,
though adorned in prayer…

scorched and weary, my life in ruins,
my words seemed feeble,
no longer fluent…

I was shown a great love that covers all sins,
immersed in the hope that eternity brings…

though judgement’s sting muddies the waters,
and outcasts weep in rooms of the fallen,
I believe in a kindness that restores our faith,
to be known by our tribe
to be seen by the brave…

I’ve buried my sorrow and hidden my pain,
yet with grace and mercy
I am ordained…

to bravely stand
in the wreckage of my life,
and believe I am worthy and fused with the divine…

and joy stands and awaits the call,
to uplift my countenance when I fall….

in my garden of dreams, I’m planting peace…
joining the daisies in this delightful feast!

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Love notes…


I love how fluent trees
glisten with life,
never forgetting
that they are divine…

Not needing opinions,
they don’t feel shame,
embracing their holiness,
delightfully untamed…

They live by the seasons,
connected to the earth,
strong winds blow,
yet they know their worth…

Giving shade
to travelers,
and a home for birds,
living abundantly
on the creator’s terms…

they send us love notes
and magical signs,
reminding us
that we too
are divine…


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Grand displays…

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
― Rumi

grand displays

the gravity of being
weighed me down,
my soul’s density
had run aground…

So I strolled
through gentle mists,
in the translucence
of nature’s gifts…

on muddy pathways
dew assembled,
and I found sanctity
in leafy temples…

where crystals dance
in hallowed fields
and creation
radiantly yields…
to gatherings,
of open praise
holding light in grand displays…



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Happy dance

“Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us to which we dance, even when we can’t name the tune.”
― Deepak Chopra

happy dance

He wore his suit on Saturday,
the tailored one,
the one that made him shimmer in the morning sun!

he danced with lively flair,
in rhythm
to the jubilant air.

His solitude,
understood the mime,
his guise and movement
in soundless time

Coins tumbled and jingled in his jar,
his happy dance,
an up-and-coming star!

He swirled and gyrated
in the dirt,
though wordless,
he was no introvert!

his eyes twinkled behind the lens,
like Michael Jackson,
twirling and dancing
with his friends…

Tireless entertainer for the day,
beneath the trees,
an outdoor cabaret.