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Day 5…
I’m deviating a little off the path and starting poetry month tomorrow…
My favorite bird, a Cape Dikkop was successful in distracting me a few nights ago before lockdown…


He led me away
with a defensive pose,
that startled
my tranquil walk…

Watching me closely
from his hiding place,
I felt like
I’d been stalked…

He scooted past me in the darkness,
screeching as he went by,
acting as a decoy,
I knew that I should comply…

His bravado
was clear to see,
as he flapped
his wings wildly.,
and in the misty twilight
I crept away

dikkop 2

nat poetry

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Scattering the blues…

Day 4.
We haven’t been able to walk our dog or go to the beach for a while, and he is highly upset. He didn’t get the memo and thinks it’s our fault…

It’s been a day of quiet reflection, not looking at the news too much.

dreaming of vistas
as far as the eye can see
scattering the blues…

dreamy landscapes

playing ball will have to suffice for now…

zeb and ball

stay safe everyone…

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La Luna…

Day 3..
The quiet seems to have settled all around now, like a dull ache that we get used to…
I hear teenagers playing their music and drilling and banging all around. Home maintenance and boredom in tandem with each other.
I miss being out there and feeling the vibe of people.
Just looking through my computer screen doesn’t feel enough, because I don’t believe everything I read.

My heart goes out to the people in informal settlements, who are confused and worried right now…

I feel helpless

Music and meditation help…

la luna

searching for the hope of what is to come,
let’s treasure the moon
and worship the sun…

and in the days that lie ahead
from hallowed grounds
faith will spread…

As we kiss the earth we walk upon,
let’s cherish
each blessed liaison…

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In the afternoon…

of Day 2.
We took a quick trip to the Chemist and I couldn’t help asking…
“why is this happening?”
There’s a heavy silence all around, confusion in the air.

day 2

Lonely trees
line the avenues,
waiting for disquiet
to pass…
standing tall
in acceptance,
keeping comms
with the grass…
of the most
gentle character,
they wave in the breeze,
towering above us
in homage,
absorbing our unease…

Never before seen footage everywhere in the world.. .#ghosttown

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Finding hope…

“Draw alongside the silence of stone
Until its calmness can claim you.
Be excessively gentle with yourself.”
― John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings


Day 2.
This is a poem I wrote a year ago, it reminded me of my dear blogger friend Natalie who is no longer with us…

Flowers don’t grow
they rise up
with the sun
spending their days frolicking
hardly overcome!
And when the seasons change
they rest for a while,
till the next time
you see them
glowing undefiled…
They festoon
our gardens
in worshipful praise,
with carefree amusement brightening our days…
where they are planted,
an uncomplaining bunch,
in the nourishment
of waterlogged mulch…

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Here in South Africa, we have wonderful people still serving us at supermarkets, petrol stations, hospitals, pharmacies, law enforcement, and other essential services…
They will be working during lockdown…I salute them!

Jessica working tirelessly to serve us…

pre-lockdown 1

Sanitizing trolleys and still smiling…

pre-lockdown 2

Our petrol Attendant cleaning the windscreen. He says he’s taking leave to protect his family…

pre-lockdown 3

Shelves still stocked..

pre-lockdown 4

Stay safe everyone…