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In the afternoon…

of Day 2.
We took a quick trip to the Chemist and I couldn’t help asking…
“why is this happening?”
There’s a heavy silence all around, confusion in the air.

day 2

Lonely trees
line the avenues,
waiting for disquiet
to pass…
standing tall
in acceptance,
keeping comms
with the grass…
of the most
gentle character,
they wave in the breeze,
towering above us
in homage,
absorbing our unease…

Never before seen footage everywhere in the world.. .#ghosttown



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

4 thoughts on “In the afternoon…

  1. I guess the streets are also wondering where everyone has gone. I haven’t left my home for almost two weeks. There were more people on the trail and road by my home today than this past week. How I wish the ‘good old days’ could come back sooner than later.

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