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me in real life 2

Maybe I’m not made for this world?
You see I’m a dreamer,
an invisible girl… broken by life,
past my sell-by date,
awakened into light that emanates,
from deep
in the stillness
of divine being,
a relentless seeker
of the unseen… Freeing my spirit
from the bonds
of this earth,
Leaving a trail
that is silently heard,
by angels
and forces
from other
that deeply compel…


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“It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien


Losing touch with creation,
the skies became a shroud,
in reflections of bleakness, she’d forgotten her vows…

The raw winds were blowing
omens of dread,
crimson perspectives
of brokenness bled…

Then mists of tenderness
traversed the void,
melding with stillness,
shutting out the noise…

like a reed of sorrow,
bent with favor,
she bathed in light,
and her heart became braver…


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If you touch her
she may crumble
before your eyes,
for at times
she doesn’t feel truly alive…

She’s held up
by prayers
and mystical things,
she thrives
on kindness
and the warmth of her skin…

On dark nights she cries
while you are asleep,
she searches
for shadows
and visions that speak…

Her strength comes not
from what is seen,
it’s grace that carries
her in-between
the silences
of when she’s
fully awake
and before
the dawn
when dreams are opaque…

The morning
holds promises
that blessing
will come,
and she opens her eyes
to welcome the sun…