a little bit of crazy

Day twenty…..http://www.napowrimo.net/
“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
― Rumi

aliitle b of cray cray

i hope you all realiZe by now, that i don’t really know what i’m dOing…

pOEtic licEnce iS mY tHinG,
Of cHaOtic fOrm.

stanzas, verses,
lyrics inside. cathartic emotiOns. crimsOn designs.
i strum and hum an inner tune. discard words.
sometimes fume!

i rhyme
i dOn’t
i scribble sacred words
i make sense
and i SOUND absurd

you like it
you don’t
that’s okay
my egO caught fire, but i’m dousing the flames.
though sparks in the embers will always rEmain!

thank you for fOllowing and responding with care, for plunging into daydreams and my seas of despair…..
i sEE other worlds
through my computer screen
a mystic porthole of hopes and dreams
flOwers, vistas, cities and towns…………..it’s all quite wonderful when i LOOK around.

i get up in the morning and see sun, birds, and wOrds
i drink my COFFEE.
i make the bed.
i remember. i forget          and harmony       sometimes                  occurs….

i try to fathom the meaning of life      waking            SLEEPING             contemplating the Divine

this is my anthem………………you can hum alOng!


poetry month


Autumn at play

Day sixteen…http://www.napowrimo.net/

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”
― Tom RobbinsStill Life with Woodpecker

autumn at play

Timid butterflies twirl, while birds eagerly play,
leaves are frolicking, on this gleeful Autumn day!

I’m gliding with the moment of nonchalant thought,
in the delicate light, where flirtatious winds cavort,

Fluffy clouds saunter across opaque skies,
unrestrained rhythm, where no rules apply.

I let down my hair, and dance freely in the breeze,
lost in the ambience, of playful reveries!


poetry month

Louder than words

Day three…http://www.napowrimo.net/

I have never been a very good follower of rules, but I try not to color outside the lines too much.
I’m writing a poem today with the song titles of Pink Floyd.

pink floyd

Hey you!
tell me, are you listening?
i had such
high hopes!

your existence has become, more than just echoes,
or memories,
keep talking,
i give my word, i believe!

at times,
it’s really hard to breathe!

but i know in time,
your presence will resonate,
and your essence will feel louder than words!

out there, you get to be,
any colour you like,
perhaps colours of the rainbow.

when i sense,
nobody home!
i recall, there’s a promise,
out beyond goodbye blue sky,
and it resounds…
we are not marooned!

i had a dream that you were drifting,
on the
dark side of the moon,
and then i remembered,
you were,
learning to fly!

in the beginning i was,
comfortably numb,
but now
i feel more alive!

do you remember when it was
us and them?
and i said run like hell” from the chaos,
and your silent words hit me,
“another brick in the wall”!

i wish you were here, coming back to life,
but i see things clearly now,
you are flourishing,
in the great gig in the sky!

so i speak to you each night
when the stars are up on high
do you hear me, when i whisper “shine you crazy diamond”

one of these days i will see you again,
i don’t need to tell you, this is your Mother
you love
from the other side.

P.S i won’t even try to make this rhyme, do you see emily play?

image courtesy PixaBay
poetry month


Dogs have owners, Cats have staff!


The cat got sick
and hid from me,
I found her concealed
beneath a tree.
She glared at me
as if to blame,
did I curse her,
what a shame!
She had a grudge,
cause I shut her out,
and I’d only gone on a
To this day I can’t
read her moods,
sometimes she sits
and gloomily broods.
I try to cuddle her
when she’s ill,
then she refuses
to take her pills!
But some days
when the sun is shining,
she runs to me,
comes out of hiding.
I really don’t know
what to say,
she had a career
as a runaway.
At times she
stays out all night,
I lie awake,
and get uptight!
Maybe I should
have stuck to dogs,
I wouldn’t have to
confer with frogs,
or step on lizards
on the floor,
or keep opening
the front door!
I wonder when
my contract expires,
when she’s had enough
will I get fired?



“Don’t be afraid. Change is such a beautiful thing”, said the Butterfly.”
Sabrina Newby

Layers of invisibility
covering form.
Wisps of docile fragrance
ignite the inner storm.
Filtered existence
exposed by the light.
Darkened illusions
turning into white.
Blossoming luster,
hidden majesty,
from obscurity
to glory’s destiny.
Through forgotten portals
appears a soft glow,
a sparkling attendance,
speaking vibrant flow.
From the husk emerging
a hidden essence,
unexpected movement,
abundant presence.
Alighting on wings,
that exude harmony,
core sounds emitting
from the dormancy.
A spectacle of silence,
a wordless response,
transcendent being,
a place to belong.
The quiescent life force
submerged in dark earth;
arising into fullness,
a luminous rebirth.


Bitterness casts a shadow

“Do not habour any bitterness, it will lead you straight into the wilderness.”
Gift Gugu Mona


I found a hidden cavern
within my ruptured heart,
where acrimony festers,
an earthling blown apart!

Just a tiny alcove,
where bile contaminates.
It poisons the essence,
of what human love creates.

I long to cast the misery
into the void of sudden death,
let streams of redemption flow
to where mercy restores my breath.

Forgiveness is my intention,
though bitter perceptions erode.
My thoughts resemble black treacle,
a fragmented life morose.

The particles of silence
are not far from my sight.
My ego gets entangled
in dark, oppressive blight.

As times I am entrenched
in more than I can bear.
Envy overwhelms me,
with unrelenting snares.

Buds of bitterness grow,
casting shadows on my soul.
Gratitude is the antidote,
an escape from death’s black hole.

The gaze of sacred beings
touches the inner sanctum.
I bolt from the hound of hell,
to sing my soul’s sweet anthem.