I was born in a place where mountains touch the sky, animals roam the open plains and great athletes are born, it’s called Kenya.

I’m a free spirit and have a wealth of experience riding super tubes and roller coasters. I hold the record for buying the cheapest T-shirt and I can quote Psalm 1 word for word. I long to travel more and maybe go on a sea voyage. Dancing and listening to music are among my many pleasures.

I love my furry friends and at the moment I am the proud owner of an abandoned cat who frequently gives me the cold shoulder. Being in nature and letting it transform me are important aspects of my life. I also follow the teachings of St Francis of Assisi.

I love reading books and blogs, but never books like “War and Peace”! I have worn a wig, fetched my son from a night club at 2 am in my slippers, swum in the Indian ocean, lost at 10 pin bowling, met Thabo Mbeke and seen Prince Charles from a distance.

I am an unknown introvert who loves drinking coffee and hanging out with friends at our famous Farmers Market on a Saturday.  I don’t really like superficial small talk. Talking about mysterious things and the human condition are more my kind of thing. Science-fiction movies and movies that make me think are favorites of mine. I have worked in a bank, at a church and for a vet.

I love to play and have fun and I’m learning to live in the moment! I am quite a fan of the Mystics. Many of their writings have helped to change my life, and I’m beginning to see things from another perspective.

I long for world peace and an end to poverty.

I love Art of all kinds and I do mosaic work and fabric painting, as well as acrylic on canvas.
canola fields

Presently I’m hosting of an Airbnb called “Shady Garden” on the Garden Route of South Africa.
Here is the link;-

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Lovely to meet you, Ally. Your writing is deep and engaging, I hope to catch up with some of your posts. Thank you for visiting my blog too, much appreciated!

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  2. I loved reading your about page, so full of life and dreams. Oddly enough I just talked to my son tonight over dinner about my dream of visiting Kenya…….He has been and even walked the Kilimanjaro.
    I can recommend sea journeys, they are just so special. The sky, the ocean becomes one at night. I will share a cup of coffee please, love it too.
    Glad to have spotted you

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    • Hi Mirja, thank you visiting my blog. I was quite young when I left Kenya but it has always stayed in my heart. I think it is a great place to visit and your son probably loved Kilimanjaro. My Father used to talk about it all the time. I can imagine the wonder of a sea journey. I’m going to keep dreaming while I’m awake. Best wishes, Ally 🙂


  3. A very interesting life you’ve had. It’s nice to meet you. I hope the cat grows fond of you. I have a cat that has suddenly started sleeping in my yard. A beautiful Himalayan and I am debating on what to do about that. I have a pup and prefer dogs, only because I had a cat claw me pretty badly. I was young and should not have tried to bath him–he had a ton of fleas. Anyways, the cat seems to enjoy catching the lizards in my yard as well. I wonder if she is abandoned or lost. I’ll have to place a sign up in the neighborhood. Anyways, nice to meet you!

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