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Rhythms of beauty

Down by the waters
where sweet coots nest
I felt an anointing
a call to rest…
The sun cast
long shadows
over the vlei,
And rhythms of beauty
swept me away…


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Love comes calling…

When love comes knocking
you let him in,
he doesn’t fix you,
though he’s under your skin.
He sings your praises
you sing his,
It’s a synergy
a beautiful thing.
You have fallen
into rhythmic dance,
the indestructible beauty
of the human expanse,
Where hearts
are motionless
when first they meet
without love’s presence
you feel incomplete.
But when love comes calling
you remember your song
your words
become holy
and you know you belong
to choruses of gratitude
to the colors of the sky,
and you call on forever
to be grace amplified… 


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Anointed by night…

I cry in the night
when no-one can see,
I cry through the pain
I cry to be free…
The darkness surrounds me
covering my grief,
and dulcet vibrations
bring quiet relief…

I say I am healing
under my breath,
and the veil gently lifts
between life and death,
I hold to the truth
that awakens my soul,
drink in Jah’s kindness
I am consoled!

A crowd of light-beings
wait in the shadows,
anointed by night
my wounds
become hallowed…
Merciful healers,
they stay by my side,
right up until dawn,
when the next shift arrives…


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Touch down

“Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the World.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi

We touch-down
on light
we dance on holy grounds,
for the sake
of true confession
grace abounds…
And light and dark
are complimentary
calling us to faith,
bringing us into favor
with a glorious embrace,
where joy is celebrated
and fear is unseen,
in a movement of particles
we are unified in peace… 


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The sun still shines and the rain is still gentle!

“Language is like a cracked kettle
on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to,
while all the time we long to move the stars to pity…”
― Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

It’s been a long absence
a departing
a tomb of silence
a soul recharging…

The wind was never at my back
when cheery pathways
turned pitch-black
and the road never rose up to greet me
in realms of colliding debris…

and sorrow flowed into dark places
unwelcome thoughts
unforgiving spaces…

I was lost in lands of unknowing
yet at a distance hope was floating,
and I searched unceasingly for truth
like a nameless-undercover sleuth…

All around me I heard the voices
spreading lies
peddling poisons,
I’m still not sure who to trust
will the darkness ever readjust?

There’ve been many losses along the way
I dare not take,
heartsore memories that still plague me
countless traumas that still break me…

But the sun still shines
and the rain is still gentle
and with light-beings
I still assemble!

beauty and joy are easily harnessed
when I surrender to this fleeting darkness…


I have found myself absent from my very own life,
just putting one foot in front of the other,
waiting for the world to change..

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Country roads

Country roads
are a cure for the blues,
lilies of the valley
and summertime hues,
roadside attractions
lead me astray
with heart connections
among the vlei…

I knelt down
by the side of the road,
and I felt the landscape
take my load…
embedded in joy
enrobed in light,
arum lilies
are my delight!