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Look into the middle distance…

“Silence is a source of Great Strength.”
― Lao Tzu

Sit with me a while
and gaze out at the hills,
watch life go by,
get caught up in the thrill
of doing very little,
while dreaming
of other worlds…
drink in the ambience
until hard lines
gently blur…
forgetting all our troubles
we’ll sink
into our bliss,
abiding in the silence,
where fear cannot exist…

and in the middle distance
we’ll find,
that grace is all we have in an uncluttered mind!


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Hallowed waterways…

Keep your heart
in the irrepressible splendor,
of what makes you feel alive,
grow your dreams in gardens
where grace and mercy thrive….

let kindness be your mantra
for the rest of your days,
fill your lungs with gratitude and coalesce with praise…

Don’t let the sun go down on the intensity of color,
be illuminated each morning
by movement and wonder…….

Distract yourself with harmony, and the flight of wild geese,
visit hallowed waterways
and ingest mounds of peace…

Be inspired by light-workers and children at play,
walk on sandy beaches
and day-dream all day!

Believe in the miraculous
even when it’s dark,
speak to sages who unveil sentient sparks…

feel the moon’s energy gesture to the tides,
as you glide into a knowing
that there’s comfort in each trial…


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“In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.”
― Okakura Kakuzo, The Book of Tea

Touch and feel
the symphony
inside each flower,
sense their magnificence,
know their power…
They’re whimsical
and magical
attracted to light..
brushed with luminosity
they hold your delight…
breathe in the passion
of their radiant hues,
let them be your tutor,
your secret muse…

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Living springs…

At times when the world is in so much pain,
I stand in the silence and listen to the rains.
I hear the heartbeat of a million words
I hold my breath
and let fear disperse…

I touch each droplet like a magical jewel,
and in the reflection
I see renewal…

Life is more bearable when the moon winks,
when my beloved
gives me a glimpse
of the holiness that resides within each soul,
and slowly but surely,
I am consoled…

By the chatter of robins at early light,
and my heart is enlivened to continue the fight,
to believe in a world where love wins,
and feel its majesty
touching my skin…

To walk barefoot down gravel paths,
to be gently tickled by untamed grass,
to be present in meadows of emerald green
and know that
I am eternally seen…

By daisies and butterflies and all manner of things,
to sup at the table of living springs…


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the glory of heaven
came over me,
beneath opaline skies,
and cyan forms
while I was
being synthesized,
to a fluid ocean
and sands
that quietly diffuse,
as the breath
of angels
held up
wondrous hues…
and whimsical feelings
of an ambient design,
though in my own
I forgot
the pace of time… 


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Speak to beauty…

Speak to beauty,
speak to it with words,
fuse with its splendor,
give it your concerns…
Imbibe the nectar
of thankfulness,
be a broadcaster of
the miraculous…
Hold a space
for divine presence,
as a lover,
of nature’s essence…
magical skies
will inform your sight,
as glory
puts the world to right…


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Softness speaks…

rose by any other namw
In the brutality
of what seems lost,
there’s a light
that is invitingly soft…

If I move knowingly
into its core,
will my mournful breath
be restored?

Will it hold me
when I cannot stand,
and ever so tenderly
take my hand,
to walk with me
into distractions,
where fluency
is carefully imagined…

and every fragment
of my marrow,
will turn my grief
into what is hallowed…

that when my tears
become lakes
I’ll dive into
evolved states,
To swim forever
in eternal oceans,
and completely mend
what’s been broken…