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Calling on grace…

“Together, we form a necessary paradox; not a senseless contradiction.”
― Criss Jami, Healology

Can we be magic yet have no sound
no faith that makes
our souls abound?

Can we be light yet have no breath,
no form to hold us
unto death?

Can we be love yet filled with fear,
be strangers,
be insincere?

Can we be joy yet infused with grief
born of truth
and mystical belief?

Can we be forgiveness yet choked with hate,
sacred vessels
or dead weights?

We are fully human and entirely divine,
afflicted by darkness
yet willing to shine.

Surrendered to this mortal coil
calling on grace
above the noise…

I know a person who takes such magical photographs,
yet he seems to be withdrawn and unable to show love.
It made me think that his photos are his way out of the darkness
and into becoming love, with no words necessary…


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I am…

On my journey to knowing myself, I find I’m a mass of contradictions…

a fragrance of a forestI am the fragrance
of a forest,
embedded stillness,
gently flawless…

I am a torrent of erratic movement,
free falling,
life translucent…

I am an ocean of mercurial tones,
ebbing and flowing
secrets unknown…

I am a river,
intense and noble,
bubbling radiance,

I am a flower,
wholesome and tender,
blooming in sunshine
deeply centered…

I am a melody,
yet serene,
harmonious pitch,
sometimes extreme!

I am a whisper on the breeze,
almost forsaken
hard to appease…

I am a paradox, containing light,
aware of darkness
yet bright…


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I'm a paradox
I’m a fragrance
within a forest.
Embedded stillness,
gently flawless.

I’m a torrent
erratic movement.
Free falling into
life translucent.

I’m an ocean,
mercurial tones.
Ebbing and flowing
secrets unknown.

I’m a river
intense and noble.
Bubbling radiance,

I’m a flower
wholesome and tender.
Blooming in sunshine
deeply centered.

I’m a melody
buoyant and serene.
Harmonious pitch
sometimes extreme.

I’m a whisper
floating on a breeze.
Almost forsaken
hard to appease.

I’m a paradox
containing light
aware of darkness
gloomy yet bright.


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delirious 2
Well acquainted
with darkness
I was consumed
way beyond my
expiration date
I lay dying
in delirium
waiting for the end
devoured by
my own hysteria
bleeding out
into the constellations
sucked into
a timeless void
a black hole

“Look deep into my eyes
you’ll see the abyss
you’ll see the lies”

A force beyond
my imagining
awakened me
breathed life
into my death
I let the winds
of destruction
take me
storms blew me
back to life
naked and ashamed
near to death
my breath restored
my ravaged heart
found a beat
in powerlessness
I arose

“Look deep into my eyes
you’ll see a spark
you’ll see love arise”

I’m not afraid of the darkness
nor am I startled by the light!