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The new high…

Day 14…..

grocery isle

Grocery shopping
is the new high,
essential supplies…

chatting in
the cold foods aisle,
gloves and mask
are now in style…

Bags of rice
and frozen thighs,
sadly there
were no baked pies…

When I got home
I literally cried,
because they
were out of Italian rye…

Most days
I’m just mystified,
thinking of castles
in the sky,
and not just butterflies,
but virtual tours
of Versailles…

Do you think I qualify
to be
a private eye,
I’ve studied
how the virus dies,
even how it multiplies,
though I can’t quantify
and I’m not qualified,
records could be falsified,
I simply can’t clarify,
when it was certified,
or the strain identified,
in a bat’s alveoli..

I don’t have an alibi,
last week I saw
some passers-by,
laughing out loud
with Lorelei,
gossiping about Malachi…
have they
the recipe
for pumpkin pie,
or have they just quietly denied,
how the stored
London dry…

Maybe I’m
a wise guy,
dreaming of
apple pie,
I’m more or less
I don’t think
I’ll ossify,
because I like

Perhaps I’ll take up
live on beans
until July,
or spinach like Popeye,

Please don’t say
you’re satisfied,
with this boring diatribe!!!


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A Sonnet

birdsWhen morning breaks, they chirp lyrical songs.
Through trees they glide on glories golden wing.
My heart feels  joy and so my love belongs.
A life to live, exquisite offering.
Bristling feathers delighting in bird baths.
Enchantment elevated above trees.
With lightness unto heavenly flight paths,
and in darkness never losing their glee.
I found myself on many a misty morn
with charming euphonies, evoking tunes.
My soul’s ecstatic with symphonic form.
I’m entertained on quiet afternoons.
Oh bring me back, Oh bring me back, to earth,
that I may sing and dance with them, in mirth!