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Thinking out loud…

‘Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.’
~Mary Oliver


Search for fields
of dandelions,
wish upon shooting stars…

imbibe the splendor
of the night skies
write secret memoirs…

Be gentle
with each earthling
learn someone else’s creed…

Slow dance
with your best friend,
notice those who are in need…

Hold tea parties in the forest,
don’t be too rushed,

never force
your opinions,
allow offense to turn to dust…

Dress up if it pleases you,
question every fad,

let music be your inspiration,
weep when you are sad…

See light in every human,
encourage those
who go astray,

Keep your judgments
in check,
as kindness finds its way…

be tender with the downcast,
hold truth in awe,

learn the blessings
of forgiveness,
make love your only law!

bejewel yourself
with nature,
let compassion
be your guide,

with thanksgiving
and wonder
be quietly satisfied…


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There are days…

colours in the streets

There are days
when sorrow
into my being,
when heartache
and I’m devoid
of meaning… When the sun
doesn’t notice
and the moon hides,
when tears fill
the emptiness,
and grief collides… and the swirl
of emotions
is hard to bear,
I’m caught
in embers
of a downcast glare… Then I search
as the waters rise up
to greet,
in saffron colors,
in the streets… And my gathering
of tears
visibly wanes,
as the gentleness
of nature
the pain…


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I walked past…

i walked past

I walked past the deliciousness
of everyday life,
past the flavors
and popular designs… I walked past,
if the world
can really change,
past the abundance
of retail remains… I walked past the wealth
of racks of clothes,
I came to a knowing,
that our hearts
are being exposed… I walked past the memories
of lunch at cool cafés,
I felt a longing
that doesn’t go away… I sensed a mastery
growing in my bones,
that through the turbulence
we are being rezoned… I saw the hungry
waiting in long lines,
I gained an awareness
that we are all divine… I walked past the people,
the ones we used to be,
a strange evolution,
a time to be set free,
to appreciate
the miracles
of circadian life,
to re-emerge with love
as our constant guide… to put aside
the need for material things,
to experience
the exhilaration
that generosity brings… to spread our light
to the far corners of the earth,
to relearn the pleasure
of nature’s lavish mirth… I walked past
in transformation
of everyday life,
and became immersed
in the most sacred design…


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Enfolded by light…

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.”― Rumi


Have you seen
the magic
in particles of dust,
when light
enfolds them
and they rise above,
the circumstances
of their present state,
letting go
of relentless
existing as they truly are
formed from the dust
of a million stars…