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I walked past…

i walked past

I walked past the deliciousness
of everyday life,
past the flavors
and popular designs… I walked past,
if the world
can really change,
past the abundance
of retail remains… I walked past the wealth
of racks of clothes,
I came to a knowing,
that our hearts
are being exposed… I walked past the memories
of lunch at cool cafés,
I felt a longing
that doesn’t go away… I sensed a mastery
growing in my bones,
that through the turbulence
we are being rezoned… I saw the hungry
waiting in long lines,
I gained an awareness
that we are all divine… I walked past the people,
the ones we used to be,
a strange evolution,
a time to be set free,
to appreciate
the miracles
of circadian life,
to re-emerge with love
as our constant guide… to put aside
the need for material things,
to experience
the exhilaration
that generosity brings… to spread our light
to the far corners of the earth,
to relearn the pleasure
of nature’s lavish mirth… I walked past
in transformation
of everyday life,
and became immersed
in the most sacred design…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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