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Joy to the world

There are fields of love
around us,
an energetic pull…
a glorious feeling,
of grace alive
in full…
Angels cry holy
and anthems can be heard,
it’s a sacred celebration
of consciousness
in the world…
A wave of joy greets us,
the unseen
mystical awakenings
it’s music to our ears…
And we dance
in worship,
singing in between,
despite all our brokenness,
kindness intervenes…
it’s divine intervention,
an incarnate gift,
the elation
of our senses
a triumphant shift!
There’s a call
to remember
who we really are,
earthbound for a moment
we hail from the stars…
There are heavenly beings
among us
breaking through
the silence,
speaking out great truth,
with love and grace
to guide us…


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Finding my way back…

“I am a pencil in the hand of God, writing a love letter to the world.”
– Anonymous

Someone once, in a forest asked me what my superpower was,
and I’ve pondered it for some time.

The real me, not the fake part that wants to look good on the outside.
It’s the squishy part that moves my waters,
that squeezes the tears from my eyes,
the part overwritten with holiness, where my true treasure is found.

I can doll myself up and wear fancy clothes.
I can smudge my eyes with makeup and pose in very soft light,
but inside me, there’s a light that can never be extinguished,
it’s my soul’s light.
If you close your eyes very tightly even on the darkest night
you will still be able to see that inner light
It dances, it sees, it feels, it loves, it hears, it touches, and it has a joyful presence.

Lately, I had the wind knocked out of me literally. (a long story)
It’s taken a while to find my way back, without faking a smile.

And I’m returning to my superpower,
deep in the depths, I searched my heart to find it.
It’s pretty hard to find beneath the facade,
you know that “little me” that needs acceptance and love.

It’s the part of me that doesn’t really need accolades or approval
because I know all around me there’s a crowd of witnesses,
be it my ancestors, my son, or the angels.
They all fully approve of me because when they look upon me
they only see my inner light, they don’t see the jagged edges of my form
or my ego.

We are all perfect in God’s sight, that is the God of our understanding,
not the god made up by man.
Maybe it’s the universe in perfect union that colors our lives,
or nature’s wonderful gift that keeps on giving.

If you look ever so closely with the eyes of your heart
you will see a soul light in every single earthling…


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Rain dance…

Ever watchfully
we pray
we dance to bring on rain,
we see storm clouds gather
we see them fade away.
One thunderclap
won’t make the rain fall,
the rain gods haven’t heard.
If only
If only
our tears could water the earth.
The land is thirsty,
the sun has scorched
the ground,
we long for that joyful moment
when the rain pours down!
Dark formations
move across the skies,
we’re ever watchful
will heaven hear our cries?


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Love never dies..

“You live on – in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here…
Death ends life, not a relationship.”
― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

Sometimes I ask myself, why is it still so hard
why are the walls around me closing in again
why is the night so long
and why can’t I just be okay?

and the answer comes in deep murmurs
spoken in shadows across my room;
the longing never ends
because it exists
deep in the bones of my body
and will only leave me
when my bones finally become dust…

though I am a vehicle of love and light
I’ve been blown out by his departure,
and yet he reads to me at twilight
in patterns
and vivid colors across the skies
he sings to me in birdsong
like a never-ending canticle of love
in harmony with angelic beings…

He carries me
together with my ancestors
back to the wildness of my existence,
right back to the very beginning
to the foundation of the earth
where we planned all this together…

I think I reek of disappointment in how my life has turned out
yet I know that it has been written in the Akash
for once I should acknowledge it…

I’ve set a table now at my pity party
where tea and sympathy is being served
in crystal goblets made from stardust…
I watch in those moments between the tears
expecting my magical thinking to save me.
and it never does!

But I am found again,
and again
in spite of my brokenness
in the presence of something holy.


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For Ally

School Of Blue

I think grief is the love that has to find a place to go, now that the person we’re grieving is no longer here [grief] cuts as deep as it does because the love is as profound as it is. Jeff Chu

I traveled through last night like a light on a space ship. We flew close to the owl that called, heard the wisdom that we are nothing but with love we are everything. You kept me company, saying words of encouragement. You are okay, you say. Then the concern in the question you ask. How is your relationship with grief? I crumble at the thought you are not here and the sorrow we hold deeper than the dark. We lean into where it hurts.

You sit me down and make me laugh with your go big: you beg to disagree. I am butterfly. I am dance…

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Butterfly musings…

To my Stevie…20/10/84 – 01/12/17

Butterfly musings
lead the way
out of dark forests
where I’d gone astray.
fainting with weariness
my hope was deferred,
unable to stand
all vision was blurred…

They carried my burdens
spoke of my worth,
brought me back
to the sacredness
of earth,
where a change
of scenery,
lifted my gaze,
and they rekindled
the remembrance
of grace-filled days…