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I see you!

I see you

When they say “I see you”
do you feel heard?
In a chasm of forbidden words…

buried deep
wounds appear,
pushing through,
prayers… And the brave
are found,
in rooms
of the unbound…

born of
courageous souls… in confessions,
unspoken things,
faith begins
to soar
on fragile wings…


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moon and lights

When you watch me,
notice the nuance
of my breath…
When you see me,
feel the brutality of death…

For I am unusual,
a body without a creed…
I am the hope,
that joy
will intercede…

And you look at me
with pity in your eyes,
you fake a smile
an unwanted disguise…

For, I see you,
in the fabric of this book,
I’m a family
of strangers

But I don’t mind,
for there’s life on other worlds…
I’ll meet you there,
where love speaks not in words…

and I feel
a sadness
beneath my breath,
yet I’ve understood
the realm that knows not death!