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I’m kissed by the moon…

walk in on magic

I walk in on magic,
the kind
that gently blends…
It scatters
somber fragments,
and delicately
Caressing me
with pastels,
I’m kissed
by the moon,
and I dance
in its aura
across the
caramel dunes…
I bask in the softness
of opaline shades,
saturated by wonder,
I watch
as daylight fades…

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Tiny things…

the holiness of tiny things

She found magic
in aspects green,
tiny things
some had never seen…

in the stillness
of emerald shades,
in the soft rustle
of the everglades…

Hidden away
in the undergrowth,
with gentle beings
she voiced
secret oaths…

to graciously shift,
she beheld
the presence
of sacred gifts…

And Ladybirds
in rhymic tones,
it was a holiness
she’d always known…


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Holy grounds…

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein

flowery 3

You sent me hearts,
you gave me flowers,
I sat and glowed
for hours and hours…
displays of yellow,
and green,
you made me feel
like a fairy queen…

on rocky ledges, you confessed your love,
bathed in sunlight from above…

And in bright fields
where florets grow,
you’ve charmed me with divine overflow…

dew touched
your luminous shades
and I sensed
a blushing serenade…

and as I entered the holiest of grounds, love and grace lay all around…



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Making no demands…

lanky birds

When weariness
grows heavy
and the world
seems strange,
I return to the harmony
where light particles
change…. and lanky birds
over the sands,
accustomed to the magic
makes no demands…
the bright waters
with the gentlest waves,
as chaos is muted
in a hush
of praise!


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Like fallen dew…

wounded healers

We are the brave
our wounds… Seen from
the stars,
we exist
out of tune… Shattered
by affliction
we stand unafraid,
in confessions
of grief,
we quietly pray,
to be fluent
in compassion,
like fallen dew,
though colored
by sadness
we are lambent hues… Temporarily
while here
on this earth,
we rise from
the ruins,
to embrace
our worth …



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Light-filled celebration…

“Songbirds are taught to sing in the dark, and we are put into the shadow of God’s hand until we learn to hear Him.”


truth resides within us
a living breathing thing,
it strums on walls of darkness,
while learning how to sing…

it fuses with our heartbreak and swims against the tide,
echoing in chambers where courage dares to hide…

It seeps into the marrow
imploring the soul,
to liberate our fearfulness, that joy may be extolled…

in light-filled
defensive walls
break down…

in symphonies
of bravery,
the breath of God is found…