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Farmer’s market…

saturday market

cheery smiles,
only seen
through human eyes…

that hide
our hope,
of warmth bespoke…

the milkwood trees,
I sensed a hint of festivity…


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The beat goes on….

““May your heart always be joyful. May your song always be sung.”
Bob Dylan

music 2
Present moment harmonies
wrap the air with sound.

Gloomy spirits fading
joy’s movement all around.

Soulful sounds, elated tempos
heartbeats come alive.

Swirling into forgetfulness
composure has revived.

Pianos tinkling sweet melodies
trumpets lifted high.

A harmony of instruments
melodious tones inspired.

Both in mourning and in happiness
music celebrates life

The Ceremony of Love
is a rhapsody of design.

Festivals of lyrical songs
euphoria amplified.

Music’s international discourse,
is a World unified!