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Temples of light…

I want to frolic in temples of light,
let the movement of foliage
be my delight,
carve my name
into ageless bark,
forage for mushrooms
in the dark…
The chorus of tree-frogs
will whir in my ears,
and all my concerns
will disappear,
among forest dwellers
near fairy haunts,
where gentle woodlands
capture my thoughts…


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To Natalie,
The fragrance of wildflowers
on the breeze,
the promise of spring
puts me at ease…
A remembrance of love
is all that I need,
to recall the grace
of Natalie…
Down in the garden
where nobody goes,
I feel the presence
of a divine overflow,
among the colors
that quietly grow,
I’m held in the aura
of a constant glow… 


Whenever I see these flowers appear I think of Natalie

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I was hidden
in the winter grass,
the dew upon the fields,
born of the fragrance
that gratitude reveals…

I’m the sky looking down,
the breath of wildflowers,
I’m the oracle
who stayed awake
into the small hours…

I’m the earth that moves
by design,
to follow the sun,
the brightness
that encapsulates
the joy in everyone…

I am the singer
who mouths the words
of grief’s
silent prayers,
the glory imparted to me,
through a multitude of tears…

I dance to the rhythm
of my body’s memory,
cultivating my heart’s delight
in a sacred treasury…

I am the wound
that cut so deep,
releasing healing light,
resurrected in the darkness,
it’s the narrative
I rewrite…

I was saved by the majesty
of transcendent love,
spoken of
by time Lords
who say I am enough…

I was brought forth
by the destinies
of those who came before,
and the ground
of my very being
is wholly adored…

I worship nature’s harmony
I give praise to the moon,
I live in love’s abundance
I’m taught tenderly
to commune…

I pay homage
to the intelligence
of my eternal breath,
and I’ve been given
the knowledge
that there’s no seperation
in death…