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Earth song!

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play with your hair”
― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

On sunny walk-ways
through sheltered groves,
when light softens
and quiet streams flow,
she felt a hush
of fluent air,
as she skipped along
without a care,
while all around her
the city roared,
and crowds gathered
and feelings poured…
In the shrubbery
vows were made,
and she let the intensity
slowly fade,
as nature healed
her very form,
in that moment she was reborn!


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Happy Camper…

“The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask.”
― Nancy Newhall

When the ground is speckled in lamplight
and the moon is at its height
I hear the stars chanting to the motion of the night.
and I go to secret places where no one can see,
I covet nature’s rhythm
among the evergreens.
I fly beyond the limits of time and space
into a gradual falling,
a covering of grace.
and the butterflies whisper
my dreams
on the banks
calling me back
to a time of giving thanks.
when I wandered into cafes quaffing ready brews,
knowing the light was dancing
between me and you…
where, even the bullfrogs lulled me back to sleep
and the dew of the morning
would gloriously weep.

I dream of the sunlight sparkling among the reeds,
falling in love again,
doing just as I please.
I am that happy camper on the banks of paradise
the Time lords imagined me,
I’m be-loved in their sight!

So I wash my fears in the darkness
and call out to joy,
preparing a table
beyond the maddening noise,
though I taste the burning
of my hopes and dreams
I remember my baptism in incandescent streams…

And among the dusky shadows there’s a silent ache,
it’s the longing I hold onto
it keeps me awake…

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Blowing in the wind…

“Yes, ‘n’ how many times must a man look up
Before he can see the sky?”
― Bob Dylan

faith took flight

Faith took flight
in fragile pods,
keeping their promise,
to return
to God…
and wishes moved across the skies,
falling as dreams

the answers my friend
have taken flight,
holding vigils on darkest nights…


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Keep the light on…

“We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.”
― George Orwell

No entry

Deserted beaches,
silent halls,
moods translated
by talking walls…

overcrowded messages
are caught on zoom,
while protestations
wordlessly fume…

Wishes float into thin air,
skeptics chafe
on garbled prayers…

Outdoor dreaming
is all but shut,
folksy monotones
are in a rut…

Muted citizens
while hungry queuers digest dismay…

baited breath
of the unsaid,
lies are truth,
and truth is dead…

On the other side of this dystopian state,
is a unity of consciousness we must create…


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a fleeting escape…

autumns gaze

There’s a glint
in the crispness
of autumn leaves,
a tantalizing feeling
as bright tones ease…
a crunch on the pavement
that breaks my stride,
a flickering
of particles
when light collides…

And the sun dips lower
in diaphanous skies,
I stand on the precipice
and I’m mesmerized,
by the muted gaze
of these troubled times,
a fleeting escape
from being confined…


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Day 8. Just outside the gate this morning…

“What do you dream about?”
she asked me,
I dream
of universal harmony,
a world sweeter
and kinder than this,
like stars colliding
when lovers kiss…

I dream of oceans
teeming with life,
no more hostility,
no more strife…

I dream of hunger
being a thing
of the past,
I dream of unity,
and peaceful forecasts…

Of love revivals
over all the Earth,
of great awakenings
of glorious rebirth…