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Letting go…

Day 11. of Lockdown

“In the striving to something, you forget to be.”
― Paul Selig, The Book of Knowing and Worth: A Channeled Text

letting go

I felt lost,
my thoughts were scattered,
incoherent aspects
nothing mattered…
Gathering fragments
that are out of tune
I let them go in the afternoon… and spreading out
across the blues,
I began to glimpse
a higher view…

To be continued

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Preaching to the choir…

“We must be trying to learn who we really are rather than trying to tell ourselves who we should be.”
― John Joseph Powell

preaching to the choir

Behind every picture
there’s a story,
behind affectation there are lies
the narrations we invent
the milieu
we justify…

returning to reality
is painful
when our brokenness
spills out
between shadows, we dance
between each lesson
we doubt…

We make secret vows in the darkness,
we preach to the choir,
our unsuspecting followers
expose our desires…

Art by Olivier

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I see you!

I see you

When they say “I see you”
do you feel heard?
In a chasm of forbidden words…

buried deep
wounds appear,
pushing through,
prayers… And the brave
are found,
in rooms
of the unbound…

born of
courageous souls… in confessions,
unspoken things,
faith begins
to soar
on fragile wings…