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Day 19. The challenge is to write a humorous rant.

I want to have a rant
about ants
there are far too many ants
carrying heaps of sand
taking over lands
they think they own the place
they are such a disgrace
tickling me at night
giving me a fright
they are all around the house
worse when there’s a drought
this is a little rant
about ants
crowding over plants
a long trail of ants
from the bathroom
up the walls
walking down the halls
they don’t seem to care
loitering everywhere
but I don’t kill ants
I give them a chance
just a little sprinkle of cinnamon
sends them away
they don’t like the taste
hatching their plans
to take over the world
they don’t seem concerned
about the virus
or this crisis
these ants
they’re making me prance
I’m so over ants

I’d rather have a butterfly
floating through the house
or somewhere thereabouts…

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Kissed again by the moon!

Day 17. The moon just wants what’s best for you and your poems. So yes – write a poem that is about, or that involves, the moon.

Sometimes I walk in on magic,
the kind that gently blends…
it scatters hardened fragments,
it delicately transcends…

Caressing me in muted tones,
I’m kissed by the moon,
I dance in her aura, across the caramel dunes…
I bask in the softness of her opaline shades,
saturated in wonder, I watch as daylight fades…

lighting the skies with magic, she spills over hallowed grounds,
I can almost feel the presence
of heaven all around…

no words are necessary to bring me back to grace,
for she beams at me through translucent mists,
with love-light on her face!

she is the reflection of everlasting-light,
keeping me lucid
even on darkest night!

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My own thing…

Day 16. Nothing was working for me today so I decided to do my own thing…
My son passed on a Friday and sometimes I just fall apart…

In a trail of ashes,
I met the light.
I met the memories
of that terrible night.

I lived the dreams that never were,
I faced the dark without a word!
I’ve stayed in bed
and drowned in tears,
licked my wounds
grown old with years…

and the moon has been my comfort,
the stars my resting place,
I comprehend the meaning
of love and amazing grace.

I light a candle on Fridays,
I whisper his name
I wear his love around me
I am of a feeble frame…

I’m constantly told of my bravery
but I know that it’s not mine,
for I choose to believe in miracles
I choose to let joy shine!

It’s hard to explain the details
many don’t understand
he was sent to be my teacher
and he still holds my hand…

And when I feel the darkness
closing in on me
I quietly say “I’m healing”
hushed by the memories,

and in moments of silence
I feel a growing strength,
it is the understanding
that really
there is no death!

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Day 15. I’m asked to think about a small habit I picked up from one of my parents, and then to write a piece that explores an early memory of my parent engaged in that habit, before shifting into writing about myself engaging in the same habit.

I had to think hard
about this one,
I have tried diligently
not to pick up any habits
from my parents,
you know the bad ones,
or the eccentric ones.
I should ask my siblings,
they may know if I have any!
But for the life of me
I can’t think
of anything… Oh
except perhaps
falling asleep
in front of the TV
and then pretending
that I am awake…
it’s called denial
and no
it’s not a river in Africa!
My Dad would
fall asleep
with his glass
of whiskey
in hand
and if I turned
the TV off
while he was in
a low rumbling snore,
he would wake and say
“I was watching that!”

P.S. If anyone out there in cyberspace
thinks of anything else
please contact me on zzzzzzzzzzz

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Day 14. The challenge is to write a poem that delves into the meaning of my first or last name.

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
― Lewis Carroll , Alice in Wonderland

I’d love to think I am noble,
incorruptible, worthy and honest,
good, upstanding and decent.
Named by the Angels,
made from the dust of stars.

Some have been named after kings and queens,
or celebrities
but Alison seems quite ordinary.

I was named after a girl they met on a ship
a random rendezvous
it never made me feel like I was special.

It was originally a boy’s name in the middle ages
then the Scots embraced it.

I fancy myself more an “Alice in wonderland”
having tea with the Mad-hatter and the March-Hare
becoming “curiouser and curiouser”
following the white rabbit
conversing with caterpillars and butterflies
fun loving and a wee bit crazy.

I would like to think I was named after my Mother, Alice-Mary.
I’ve been called Alley-cat
Ally McBeal
Al Capone
and son of Ali.

Not many are famous with this name
except Ali MacGraw from “Love Story”.
It doesn’t seem as memorable
as Angelina or Beyonce.

Alison means lover of animals and nature
rider of the super-tube
adventurer, tree-hugger,
stargazer, cosmic swimmer,
flower admirer, barefoot believer,
dancer, warrior,
braver than the rest
artist, poet and dreamer,
seer of light in every being,
believer in magic and the miraculous,
a follower of the mystics,
and all the other things I’ve made up in my head!

But I’m glad to be called Alison or Ally for short!

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Breaking News…

Day 13. This one is short and sweet: write a poem in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow.

The terrible virus that ruined our lives has ended.
It died out at the end of last year and we are free again-free to hug,
free to touch, free to dance and free to kiss.
We can go and visit Granny again and have lunch at the Bistro with our sister.
We can go to the barber shop and cut our hair, and on the way home sit together on a park bench. We can be human again, the way we are meant to be.
No more jobs will be lost as we return to normal.
There’s no fear that the virus will return, because it’s been eradicated by a new miracle medicine discovered by the indigenous people of Peru.
There are celebrations everywhere, and the good news is that while we were at home on lockdown, global warming was halted, bird life has returned to the beaches,
plant life is being restored.
Whales are increasing in numbers and the ice caps are no longer melting. There are more opportunities for land owners, seed banks are open and free. It seems as though everyone is getting a slice of the pie.
The poor will be housed and fed-it’s a strange thing, the rich are giving away their fortunes to save the earth. It’s unprecedented. They are calling it the age of Aquarius.
People everywhere are saying that John Lennon was a prophet and they are singing his songs in the streets… It really is a beautiful sight to see!
“you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.”

Even the fact-checkers are astonished!

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Day 12. “Past and Future.” This prompt challenged me to write a poem using at least one word/concept/idea from one of two specialty dictionaries…
See below

When she touched down,
she knew not hate,
a galactic star-farer
moving through space,
from Alpha Centauri
her atman was free
living as a flower-child
she knew not greed!

they shared their possessions,
they shared their wealth
consuming earth-food,
they preserved their health.

She had grown into the love of other-worlds,
groggled by everything
she’d heard about earth.

She had imagined utopia
since she was a child,
knowing it was possible
though some thought her wild!

then they threatened to erase
all her memories,
and morph her into some-kind of zombie entity…

requesting departure
they begged her to stay,
but the Time lords came
and beamed her away…

placing her gently into cryo-sleep,
they untethered her soul
and moved at light-speed.
they travelled through nebula
and galactic time-storms,
until soma was lifted from every life-form!

and all earthlings became radiant
as they lit up the skies,
released from dystopia
they were truly divine!

From the Historical dictionary of Science fiction

Groggled-astonished, baffled, bewildered.
Star-farer an interstellar traveler.
Time-storm-a disturbance in time which can bring people and things from different times into the same timeline.
Soma-in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World: a narcotic drug which produces euphoria and hallucination, distributed by the state in order to control the population by promoting content and social harmony.
Dystopia-an imaginary place or state of affairs in which conditions are extremely bad
Utopia-a place, state, or condition ideally perfect in respect of politics, laws, customs, and conditions.

Image courtesy of PixaBay

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Postcard from the beach!

Day 11.

wake from your slumber
come down to the beach,
merge with blue skies
and touch the choppy seas,
pick up remembrance
speak to temperate winds,
let the sands of therapy
touch your skin.
down by the waters
you’ll feel your breath again,
as you stand in the shallows
watching fisher-folk come in…

I woke up this morning
and I heard your call,
looking up the tides
tired of these four walls.
I knew that the ether
would clear my groggy head,
so I turned back the covers
and stumbled out of bed.
I watched seagulls dip
and mussel crackers dive,
the fragrance of the ocean
brought me back to life!
Now there’s sand in my shoes
and salt in my hair,
I’m grateful for the memories
and the answer to my prayers…