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“We’re all just walking each other home.”
― Ram Dass

fog 3

I got lost in sadness with no way out,
my heart was filled with terrible doubt,
I could not feel my inner glow,
the land was distant
the lights were low…

In dense air, my breathing dimmed,
disorientated by
unforgiving winds…

Doubt grew thicker
I could not see,
the fog muffled my desperate pleas…

Only light could save me from despair,
in the guise of tender loving care…

I’d slipped into pits
of unbearable pain,
I knew these wounds
were preordained…
and tears must fall and grief must be,
to bring me back to sanity…

and the time will come when I revisit sorrow,
maybe next month,
maybe tomorrow…
but my hope is that every earthling knows
that a Mother’s heartache is a dreadful blow…

that my body weeps, as it should
all I need is to be understood…

to visit lands where grief is allowed,
and reach beyond these temporal shrouds…

to see horizons gleaming with hope,
and set my feet on Elysium slopes…


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Softness speaks…

rose by any other namw
In the brutality
of what seems lost,
there’s a light
that is invitingly soft…

If I move knowingly
into its core,
will my mournful breath
be restored?

Will it hold me
when I cannot stand,
and ever so tenderly
take my hand,
to walk with me
into distractions,
where fluency
is carefully imagined…

and every fragment
of my marrow,
will turn my grief
into what is hallowed…

that when my tears
become lakes
I’ll dive into
evolved states,
To swim forever
in eternal oceans,
and completely mend
what’s been broken…

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Love notes…

leaves notes

He writes letters
in the skies,
paints vistas
that harmonize,
leaves notes
for me to read,
sprouts jewels
among the weeds…

Did he formulate
this plan,
create visions
I understand,
speak in dreams
that I believe,
enable faith
to be conceived?

In the unforced
rhythms of grace,
I’m held by love’s embrace,
and when my very breath
is frail,
I’m bestowed
with guides to light my trail…

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Decorative signs
of early spring,
creep quietly
with the news they bring…
To remind us that hope survives,
to bask in sunshine
and so to thrive…
To let go
of wintery dread,
and blossom profusely from
dormant beds…
To come to life
with anthems raised,
and cover borders
with lavish praise…
To renew their vows
with Mother earth,
and burst
with the fragrance
of rebirth…

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aquarian moon

My thoughts
are scattered,
with nowhere to land,
I wish my body
would understand,
that flights of fancy
don’t ground my being,
I’m weighed down
by a heavy feeling…

Perhaps the full moon
will release the cause,
Aquarian beams
from a higher source…
fall down gently
on me tonight,
in your gentleness
be a lullaby…

That I may awaken
from the dread,
that lurks restlessly
on my bed,
to bring sweet dreams
back into view,
and so to banish
unspeakable blues…