Emotional reward

“It seems there are some problems even Prosecco and cake can’t make better.”
― Lorraine Wilson


I ate a mound
of rich gateau,
with chocolate drizzled
on the side.
Its heart was filled
with a promise,
that only sweet comfort
can provide.

I let each morsel
my taste buds
with ecstasy.
It was an emotional piece
of cake,
soft and velvety.
Filled with longing,
and twinges
of guilt in between.
It rolled over my tongue
with the greatest of ease,

Just for a moment,
delicious flavors,
wrapped me
in delight.
An extravagant slice of pleasure,
appeased my appetite.
Luscious tastes
of forgetfulness
layered with a little remorse,
imbued with dainty textures,
an emotional reward.

The instant gratification,
dropped me
in a hollow.
An empty cauldron
of regret in which
I dare not wallow.

Its delicate ambrosia
was worth every
magical bite!
All caution will be thrown to the wind,
when I have some more


If I stopped loving you…….

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
― Lao Tzu

love 6

If I stopped loving you,
there’d be
no rhythm and flow;
radiance would be vanquished,
a forgotten glow.

Like holding my breath,
under dark waters,
my heart would tire
and my lungs would falter.

If I stopped loving you
the sun may fade from the sky,
and the moon would knowingly
say her goodbyes.
The stars would no longer
bear the darkness,
a world that’s dim,
no fragrance
or sparkle.

If I stopped loving you
the earth may crumble,
into pitiful disquiet,
songbirds would
Life would contain
no tenderness,
a chasm of heartbreak
and endlessness.

If I stopped loving you
nothing would make sense,
because I’m made of love
and all it presents.
It’s the air that I breathe,
and it’s what I’d bequeath.

If I stopped loving you,
silence would be distasteful,
a continuous numbness,
and a life ungrateful.
The sound of my voice, in the dark
would be hollow,
an echo in the abyss
empty and shallow.

If I stopped loving you,
tears would smudge the ground
and rivers would form,
all hope would be drowned.

Between the earth and the sky
love’s breath exists,
from the beginning of life
it valiantly persists.
Love pursues us to the ends of the earth
don’t squander its pleasure,
or take for granted its worth.

When you see adoration
in the eyes
of your love,
let the magic transform you
to heaven above.

And in that moment
when love holds its breath,
stay steady and nourish its pause
with strength..
For as swift as love stills,
it will rise in passion
blow like gale force winds
and arise from the ashes.

If I stopped loving,
I would cease to be me,
for it flows
and surrounds me,
it speaks through
the trees.

Whispers of Summer

Sugar birds dancing everywhere,
a summer feeling in the air.
The seasons are in quite a muddle,
bare trees stand, confused and befuddled.
“Where is the winter” the tree frogs sing,
oblivious, flowers make offerings.
The sun shines for all its worth,
while winds whisper in gentle mirth.
At night the gleam of distant orbs,
caresses the dark in dazzling forms.
The moon unveils its extravagance,
intoxicated movements of elegance.


“The morning glories and the sunflowers turn naturally toward the light, but we have to be taught, it seems.”
― Richard Rohr


contemplationEnclosed in ethereal light,
captivated by mists
of timeless consciousness,
she beckoned repose
to stay the course.
She dreamt of things,
like purple rain,
daisy chains
and walks in the viridian forests.
She implored the shadows
to retreat,
into the undergrowth
of forgetfulness.
At times she sojourned
in wordless wonder.
Clarifying meaning
was hard to speak in words.
When life was burdensome,
and chaos
the realm of her mind,
she escaped into silence.
She beheld snapdragons
and seagulls in formation,
the simpler things.
Things that brought her back
to contemplation……