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Fairy tales…

girls in forest

I long to return to the forest,
to fairy haunts,
and let restful woodlands capture my thoughts…

come with me,
let’s sit awhile,
we’ll get in touch with our
“inner child”….

as we carve our names in the umber bark,
and forage for mushrooms in the dark…
the chorus of frogs will whir in our ears
until the disquiet disappears…

won’t it be fun
watching beams of sun,
as they dance before our eyes
we will be mesmerized?…

by the sights and sounds
of gentle trees,
swaying unhurriedly in the breeze…

In the stillness of our souls
we will become whole,
and the voice of prevailing winds,
will leave goosebumps on our skins…

So that when we return home,
we’ll sink in the knowledge that we’re not alone….


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A very dear friend of mine drew this sketch for me because he and his wife were inspired by my poetry…
Art by Anthony Ford…

reflections from anthony ford

I’m just Alice in wonderland
trying to find her way,
out of the mayhem
and disarray,
out the sadness
that infects our sight,
that steals our gladness,
and dims our light…
Finding magic
everywhere I go,
catching the wonderment
of nature’s show…
Kneeling in fields,
getting up close,
taking deep breaths
and making the most,
of every expression
that God provides,
immersed in the holiness
where He resides…
With feelings of love
being more than enough,
and an abundance of grace
when times get tough…


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I was quarantined…

This poem was written by a friend in our nearby township, I haven’t changed anything, I just left it raw the way it is meant to be… It blew me away!

bulelani happyboy

I was quarantined
without even knowing
My freedom stolen away by so called COVID-19

I was in empty room
Lonely and quiet
that you could even hear the sound of flying passing by nuisance flies

I’ve kept checking on my windows
the sunrise
I’ve watched sunset
The day growing into a dark knight slowly

The hours surely matures the day
with lots happening in the wild
whilst human communities are experiencing lockdown

I’ve lost my freedom
I’ve lost my time
I’ve lost my friends
most of it, losing my relatives

In times of this pandemic
I’ve gain a hatred towards all these so called viruses
That feels like made in doomed offices

Sometimes feels like
being led by doomed leaders
with lack of knowledge and fuming with greediness under their skins

We are led to the grave
not to be saved
but to lie six fit underground
Underneath the rotten soil

This soil that have stepped on by so many people with different mindset
Together physically,
separated by their individual interests
I was quarantined without being aware.

By Bulelani Happyboy Mbanya

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Boundless Earth…

sycamore trees

my shadow
with the sycamores,
in dappled sunlight,
and quiet applause…

I paid homage
to their barren boughs,
with the courage
of earthen vows…

undressed by winter winds,
exposed down to
their crusty skins…

they’ve surrendered
to the elements,
with no sign
of a sad lament…

standing boldly
buds shall reemerge,
to restore our faith in boundless earth…


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The voice in the darkness…

child like joy

I’m that voice in the darkness
crying out,
your inner memory
that says you’re enough…

I’m the light
of the moon
reminding you to shine,
to hold my reflection,
and know that you’re mine…

I’m the bird
that wakes you
in the early morn,
singing to you sweetly,
when you feel forlorn…

I’m the flowers that spread
their fragrant scent,,
comforting you
with gladness,
and even in lament…

I’m the wind that whispers
softly in the trees,
telling you gently
to be at ease…

I’m the sky all over you
that covers your home,
sending signs
that you’re not alone…

I’m the sea that rumbles
and gives you rest,
never growing weary
in showing you’re blessed…

I’m the forests that breathe
when you’re flooded with doubts,
keeping you sane,
when madness shouts…

I’m the rivers that flow
out of my heart,
reminding you that it’s love
that sets you apart…

I’m the mountains that stand
forever in grace,
guiding you into gratitude,
that time can’t erase…

I’m the children that play
way after dark,
bringing to life
your inner spark…

I’m the music
that serenades you
with abundant joy,
installing peace
when you feel annoyed…

I’m the kindness
that abounds on dirty streets,
the patience
and forbearance
you dare to meet…

I’m the light of heaven
that gives you strength,
as my beloved one,
even unto death…


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Love notes…


I love how fluent trees
glisten with life,
never forgetting
that they are divine…

Not needing opinions,
they don’t feel shame,
embracing their holiness,
delightfully untamed…

They live by the seasons,
connected to the earth,
strong winds blow,
yet they know their worth…

Giving shade
to travelers,
and a home for birds,
living abundantly
on the creator’s terms…

they send us love notes
and magical signs,
reminding us
that we too
are divine…


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There’s a time…

“How frail the human heart must be―a mirrored pool of thought.”
― Sylvia Plath, Letters Home


There’s a time
when silence is enough,
when words drag
and times are tough…
when heavy moods stain the skies,
compelling me to soliloquize…

when breath rasps on loaded words,
utterances that sound absurd…
and through the window of this escape,
with intention
I contemplate…

that divine breath will suffice
the leaden weight
of this life…

a mortal spilling forth her dreams
waiting for Jah to intervene…

I pick up my somber thoughts,
and let them take
another course…

to gush out and be heard,
and turn again into weightless words…