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I was quarantined…

This poem was written by a friend in our nearby township, I haven’t changed anything, I just left it raw the way it is meant to be… It blew me away!

bulelani happyboy

I was quarantined
without even knowing
My freedom stolen away by so called COVID-19

I was in empty room
Lonely and quiet
that you could even hear the sound of flying passing by nuisance flies

I’ve kept checking on my windows
the sunrise
I’ve watched sunset
The day growing into a dark knight slowly

The hours surely matures the day
with lots happening in the wild
whilst human communities are experiencing lockdown

I’ve lost my freedom
I’ve lost my time
I’ve lost my friends
most of it, losing my relatives

In times of this pandemic
I’ve gain a hatred towards all these so called viruses
That feels like made in doomed offices

Sometimes feels like
being led by doomed leaders
with lack of knowledge and fuming with greediness under their skins

We are led to the grave
not to be saved
but to lie six fit underground
Underneath the rotten soil

This soil that have stepped on by so many people with different mindset
Together physically,
separated by their individual interests
I was quarantined without being aware.

By Bulelani Happyboy Mbanya


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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