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I only brought my worship

I spoke to you in color
I sang to you in tune
I only brought my worship
on this carefree afternoon..

Let’s welcome
the sunshine
always touch the rain,
dance like we are holy
and cling to joy’s refrain…

And when the moon arises
from the dark side
of the sky,
I’ll tell you all my secrets
I’ll hold you when you cry…

We’ll reconsider
the beauty
of our broken dreams,
make our home
with the time lords
and swim in living streams..

I’ll be the child
I once was
so free and so wild,
I’ll see who stands
before me
and know who’s on my side..

And when we learn the language
grasp each other’s faith,
our love will perfect us
and we’ll gather
with the brave..

deep silence
will restore us,
truth will set us free,
there’ll be
a deeper meaning
to our suffering… 


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Catching my breath…

Walking in on other-worlds
where thoughts are prayers,
covered in sunlight
strolling unawares,

oblivious of the darkness gathering
beneath my feet,
I’m lost in the untamed beauty
that never sleeps…

seeing through the glass dimly
I hold my breath,
His grace is sufficient
even in these depths…

And mirrored images remind me of you,
as I free-fall helplessly
into the blues..

so I move with the swell of an ebbing tide,
and see heaven’s glory