Wordless Wednesday

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If I stopped loving you…….

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
― Lao Tzu

love 6

If I stopped loving you,
there’d be
no rhythm and flow;
radiance would be vanquished,
a forgotten glow.

Like holding my breath,
under dark waters,
my heart would tire
and my lungs would falter.

If I stopped loving you
the sun may fade from the sky,
and the moon would knowingly
say her goodbyes.
The stars would no longer
bear the darkness,
a world that’s dim,
no fragrance
or sparkle.

If I stopped loving you
the earth may crumble,
into pitiful disquiet,
songbirds would
Life would contain
no tenderness,
a chasm of heartbreak
and endlessness.

If I stopped loving you
nothing would make sense,
because I’m made of love
and all it presents.
It’s the air that I breathe,
and it’s what I’d bequeath.

If I stopped loving you,
silence would be distasteful,
a continuous numbness,
and a life ungrateful.
The sound of my voice, in the dark
would be hollow,
an echo in the abyss
empty and shallow.

If I stopped loving you,
tears would smudge the ground
and rivers would form,
all hope would be drowned.

Between the earth and the sky
love’s breath exists,
from the beginning of life
it valiantly persists.
Love pursues us to the ends of the earth
don’t squander its pleasure,
or take for granted its worth.

When you see adoration
in the eyes
of your love,
let the magic transform you
to heaven above.

And in that moment
when love holds its breath,
stay steady and nourish its pause
with strength..
For as swift as love stills,
it will rise in passion
blow like gale force winds
and arise from the ashes.

If I stopped loving you,
I would cease to be me,
for it flows
and surrounds me,
it speaks through
the trees.


Searching for Equilibrium

“One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche


Hearts echoing
beats of love
fill transformed air.
Head vibrations
try to judge
your heart’s equity.
Passionate cords
in joy’s expectant
The resonance of your heart
holds no words,
the din of brain waves
can disturb.
Listen to your heart
its voice is soft,
without compassion
truth gets lost.
With absent words,
your heart will see,
the depth of
life’s tranquility,
and let the eyes
of your heart
to dazzle your soul
in jubilee…


My thoughts are with you

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”
Jalaluddin Rumi

my thought are with you
Thoughts like prayers,
reach to the heavens.
Arrows fly
to descend on dwellings.
Hearts united
across the seas.
To catch compassion
in the breeze.
A caring whisper
between the miles,
and hope recovers
through the trials.
They touch the inner parts
in peace.
Kindness and
stillness are released.
And even when we’re
far from sight,
beautiful words
light up the night.


Ever Watchful

“Speak only when your words are more beautiful than silence!”
Arabic Proverb
Hatred is like a fire,
embers lie smoldering within
hidden in a dark pit,
an inner whirlwind
of loathing.
Scorching in a secret place,
consuming our insides,
leaving us choking
in the half dark.
Embers spark,
cinders collide,
and if we fan them into flame
they become a raging inferno,
a death-trap,
eating us alive…
becoming a wasteland.

Keep dousing hate with love.
Let rivers of love
the estuaries of resentment
and malice,
as it overflows into an ocean
of tenderness
and compassion.
Ever watchful of the consuming
fire that can rise
from ashes.
Extinguish each flare of hatred
with kindness
and affection
soaked to the bone with love,
saturated in mercy!
So that the flame of hatred
cannot ignite
and spread the wildfire
into a deadly blaze.


Love is stronger than death

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted!”

love still exists
A cruel expanse beckons
the silent mourner.
Stars have lost their glimmer
and the moon is out of reach.
Within a mind adrift,
beneath despair,
devouring waves gather.
Dreams swallowed whole
by ghostly darkness,
magnify the pain.
Empty hallways groan in anguish.
Bereaved souls
caught up in fierce
whirlwinds of affliction.
They are one with what can never be,
grief has spilled their tears
and gobbled their tomorrows.
A harmony of presence has escaped
into shadowy forms
of wickedness and malice.
Souls who have no acquaintance
with destiny
drift across the heartbreak,
wanderers in a bleak
and hopeless Universe.
In their loneliness they are consumed by waking.
But sleep is death defied.
Suffering takes its toll
on wounded hearts
gripped by fear.
The stench of hatred is
loud and intense.
Praise brings them back from the brink
of the abyss
into the resonance of living.
as songs of remembrance
ring out across eternity.
Even in a place of deep and unnatural darkness
when life evanesces,
Love still exists……


You Lived

“maybe death
isn’t darkness, after all,
but so much light
wrapping itself around us–”
Mary Oliver, Owls and Other Fantasies: Poems and Essays
lights 2
You were
full of despair
the night
you crashed
your car.
Your lover
had just died
and you couldn’t
bear the thought
of going on
another minute
without him.
You wanted
to die too.
But you lived.
You lived to
show us what
beauty looks like
from the inside
with soft spoken
and a smile
that lights up a room.
I know that
many times
you wish
you’d died
because you
were left
with so much
and your form
was changed
and bent
and hurt.
But you lived.
You lived to show
us how to occupy
deep gratitude,
even through the pain.
You remind
us each day
what beauty
looks like from
the inside
with soft spoken
and eyes
that have known
great sorrow,
yet they still shine!