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It’s been a dry season where words failed
moods were dreary
and faith exhaled,
the glory of heaven had slipped my gaze
forsaking gatherings
of earthen praise…
But in the meantime the Divine is near
reminding me daily
not to hold to fear!

despondency had
my view,
future scenarios
unpleasant news…

in the silence of unhinged thought
deep inadequacies
took their course.
then reimagining the words to write
I prayed quietly
in soft moonlight,
and grace-filled angels were every were,
moving closer
like liquid-air…


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Expected beauty

“The expected beauty of increased light has finally arrived
in this new time and energy.
The attitude of others is changing now
in this slow increase of illumination.​​​​​​​​”
~ Kryon ​​​​​​​​

I’m part of the uprising
of humankind
bringing love back,
giving sight to the blind

Holding space for those
who cannot see,
being a light for those
who do not believe,

And in the end
we’ll be transfigured
from death into life,
a miraculous vision
right before our eyes…


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“There is a space that shows people that magic is real,
the other side is reality.”

You’ll find me
at the crossroads
where joy and sorrow meet.
A place of reunion
where faith is made complete.
where peace and love
allow me
to be myself,
in miraculous moments where light beings dwell…


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“The earth has music for those who listen.”
George Santayana

Listen between the silences
listen without words
pay attention to cicadas
hear the song of birds.

Feel the earth in motion
as it creeps around the sun,
tune-in to grass growing
begin to be as one…

with the rhythms of nature
on butterfly wings
mindfulness will move you
and teach eternal things.

And again you’ll feel your wildness
you’ll tread ever so lightly
magic will remember you
beneath these ancient Trees…**


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let the light in…

I was inspired by this quote…
“I wish I could show you
when you are lonely or in the darkness,
the astonishing light of your own being.”

With kindness,
we let the light in
and love embodies us
emanating through our skin…

With gratitude
we let the light in
and as we glow
the darkness
slowly dims…

With peace
we let the light in
and grace abounds
emerging from within…

With joy
we let the light in
and faith grows
the relentless din…

It’s with radiance, we gradually re-emerge,
remembering that
it’s our light that lights the world…


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Spring celebration!

” It is spring again, the earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.
― Rainer Maria Rilke

I love how spring finds me, and bathes me in light,
awakening my senses
and restoring my sight!

as days grow lighter
and frivolity abounds,
wild flowers pop-up
adorning the grounds.

Dark days become echoes
quickly forgotten,
butterflies waft
while bees gather pollen.

and amber light wakes me
gently at dawn,
moods swiftly gladden,
and again
I’m *re-born!


There is something so magical about spring,
it’s a feeling of warmth and renewal,
a celebration of sights and sounds.
Every-year wild flowers break through
in fields and gardens, reminding us
to keep believing that while we weren’t watching
an underground revival is taking place!

*one of the synonyms for re-born is “found”.

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A walk in the park…

“Happiness is just a little thing;
Humans mostly are too large for it.
If you cannot feel the joy of spring
Shrink yourself and maybe then you’ll fit.”
― Michael Leunig, Curly Verse: Selected Poems

Sometimes life is
a walk in the park,
when birds circle
and light is soft,
and all around
there’s magic
and butterflies waft.

You live in the moment
of a perfect dream,
like you’re that cat
who got the cream…


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The sky speaks..

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”
― Pema Chödrön

The sky speaks to me
in shades of light
holding my attention
a wondrous sight.
It is the miracle
of all who breathe,
a light that dances
for those who believe.
Infused with a magic
that never ends
In vivid colors
that wildly blend.
a canopy
that cradles the universe
sacred chapters
of spoken verse…