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Boundless Earth…

sycamore trees

my shadow
with the sycamores,
in dappled sunlight,
and quiet applause…

I paid homage
to their barren boughs,
with the courage
of earthen vows…

undressed by winter winds,
exposed down to
their crusty skins…

they’ve surrendered
to the elements,
with no sign
of a sad lament…

standing boldly
buds shall reemerge,
to restore our faith in boundless earth…


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Saturday Blues…

In rows, they stood

cheering me on,
believing me
hearing my song… guardians
blue skies,
I could hear their voice
between my sighs… worshipers
of all that is,
like lovers,
chanting to the abyss…
stained with blue
the asphalt wept
a chorus
I can’t forget…

all in a row

It’s Day 15. I think, and the lockdown has been extended for another 2 weeks, so that means we are staying home until the end of the month. I have mixed feelings about it, but the powers that be have decreed it, so we must adhere to their advice.
I do believe it is a time of deep reflection and gratitude. I have witnessed much kindness in our little town. The poor are always the ones who suffer most in these crises…

When I get to go on shopping trips I optimize my time out by taking pictures of the abundance of beauty all around…

Stay safe and happy Saturday!

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Happy Thanksgiving…

“May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.”
― John O’Donohue, Eternal Echoes: Celtic Reflections on Our Yearning to Belong

vic bay

There’s a silence
within me,
that keeps on growing,
a deep forbearance
a gradual knowing…

It’s peace
that saturates
my whole being,
feelings of love,
universal believing…

It’s light
from each
living thing,
a holy presence
touching my skin…

It’s a credence
that shuns
the taste of doubt,
a sacred spillage,
a turnabout…

when faced with grief
and earthly woes,
it’s Jah’s benevolence
finding repose…

it’s all my days
numbered by grace,
anthems sung
from a desolate place…

Even bitterness
cannot snuff out light,
extravagant forgiveness
restores my sight…

And when gratitude is freely expressed
there is a sense
of being
divinely blessed…