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Giving thanks…

In graceful aspects
where seagulls glide,
mists rolled in
on gentle tides…

Over dark waters
on a quiet afternoon,
magical light spilled
across the lagoon…

Children played on the banks,
*weavers darted,
while she gave thanks…

Warm swells beckoned her
to wade
in the shallows,
far from disquiet,
where grounds are hallowed… 

*Weavers are named for their intricately woven nests. The nests come in various sizes and shapes, with different materials used to build the nests.


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Between sighs…

”We arrive at this place. It does not have to be complicated. Our priority is to look after ourselves but, in doing so, to get over ourselves. Having been seen, heard and gotten, we turn towards the point of just listening. Listening to the sounds of our body, to the sound of our inscape. In the stillness, we see a light emerging.”
-Rick Frame

I’ll just keep scribbling stories
between sighs,
and dance with the magic
before my eyes…

when the day’s over and my breath is at rest,
I’ll listen to inscapes
of wondrousness…


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“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”
― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

I was broken
I was scattered,
I could not see
beyond my mind.
And my bed
wouldn’t hold me,
I was crying on the inside.

Every dream
had vanished,
swallowed by the dark.
I was bleak
I unraveled,
weighed-down by a broken-heart.

Then I reimagined favor,
I redefined grace,
and I let kindness find me
in my secret
hiding place…

Thanks to my blogger friend Deb
for reminding me about Eckhart Tolle’s teachings!


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“Let’s us be grateful to the people who make us happy: they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
― Marcel Proust

Sometimes a girl needs
a fairy godmother
to swoop into her life,
to buy her chocolates
and give her flowers.
To use her magic wand
to restore her sparkle,
and make her laugh!
To reminder her
that she still is
the “Belle of the ball”.
To bring light
to her darkness
and help her believe
in magic again…

I’ve been admiring all the photos of tulips in the Northern hemisphere. Here in Africa it doesn’t really get cold enough but there are some growers who find a way. A friend gave me these and they delighted my heart!


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take me to a place
where waters reach
the skies,
where the darkness
pardons me
and I’m sanctified…

spread me out
at twilight
on night bird’s wings
show me harmony,
teach me to sing…

as I bask
in starlight
and the risen moon,
gather me
in the presence
of a grateful tune…

and in the quiet
of evening
where secrets
are hidden,
restore my life
bring back my vision…

let the anointing
fall on me this night,
and I wallow
in the company
of healing light..