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The call…

The waters call
from translucent depths,
to be as one
with nature’s breath…
To listen to
the rhythm
of the tides,
to play in rock pools
like a carefree child…

To reclaim
the taste
of salty air,
and feel hard ground
absorb despair…

Barefoot bathers reunite,
in a delicious glow
of warm sunlight,
forgetting the suffering
that plagues our earth,
drinking the ambrosia
of healing mirth…

surfers stand in the rush of the waves,
riding the swell in holy praise!

along with fishermen who watched by night
and feel the thrill of an early bite..

we soak up
the fragrance
of ocean spray,
tangible magic of a summer’s day,..

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“The sunflower is mine, in a way.”
― Vincent van Gogh

Whenever I see sunflowers I think of Vincent van Gogh and how they must have elevated his mood!

of carefree days,
sunflowers grow
in bright arrays,
overcast moods,
contemplative interludes…

happiness that can be bought,
painting over
gloomy thoughts
in yellows,
and sage greens,
gracious blossoms
have intervened…

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Healing shades…

“Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest.”
― Herman Hesse

On evenings like this
in scattered blues,
I’m gratefully drenched
in amber hues,
and feelings call out
for tender blessings
to release me from my
dark obsessions..

My feet had stumbled
on rocky grounds
and confessions broke
in mumbled sounds
that heaved
melancholy sighs,
brooding shadows
that soliloquize..

and laughter moved again
across the skies,
in quiet moments I was being baptized!

now I’m lingering,
in its healing shades,
growing back
as twilight fades
into colors seen
in fluent contrast,
inclement moods
that have come to pass…,

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Collections of grace…

I was zooming with my brother in the Northern Hemisphere and I realized there are moments that simply take our breath away, I call them collections of grace…

I’ve been captured by silence,
re-learning how to think,
you know those fleeting moments
when the lines becomes distinct?

and the canopy of sky spills from indigo blues
a reimagined life
a captivating muse…

she was cleaning the windows
light caught in her hair
looking out at snowflakes
she didn’t see me stare…

conversations meet
in the soft light
of distant lands,
I pen them in my scrapbook
and my small world expands…

glimpses of radiance, unknowingly caught,
collections of grace,
gold that can’t be bought…

grasses drenched in sunlight, congregations of birds,
shadows at twilight
and a symphony of words…

moments that take our breath away
magical events,
we gaze out at beauty
and quietly repent…

we repent of our grumbling,
we repent of our rage,
we recognize the tenderness
that causes us to change…

And these pieces of eternity
are strung together by light,
circumstances beyond control
are the stories we will write…

Let’s keep watch on the horizon, and wait for the turning tides,
like jewels in the darkness
our light we can’t hide…

I’m looking into the windows of everlasting souls
I am one with each moment
re-discovering how to be whole…

There’s snow falling up north,
windows misty with frost,
I’m a collector of these fragments
keepsakes never lost…

It’s in the visceral moments that we revisit our breath,
we rethink our language,
we recognize our strength…


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My twenty-plenty year…

“Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright”
― Bob Marley

This year has taught me that there is so much incredible beauty to be found in the world, if we look hard-enough, if we see the little things, if we kneel down on the soft-earth of longing, and breathe in the fragrance of each moment.

I’ve seen nature alive in all her splendor, as flocks of birds squawked and swirled around me, and battalions of butterflies’ dived and swooped into vibrations-of-color.

I’ve observed the seasons come and go, and trees wildly lose their leaves as they danced with autumn winds, and then in statuesque stillness they waited patiently, denuded by the winter frosts, for spring to quietly-creep back with tiny buds to remind us of renewal.

I’ve seen a riot of color in the streets when summer arrived, and I’ve looked deeply into my own reflection in opaque puddles and contemplative windows melding with the trees and cobalt skies.

I’ve watched the moon wax and wane, and stars softly-kiss in the darkness showing me how the cosmos constantly turns and I am not disappointed..

I’ve been touched by magic and peace and found joy in serendipity….

I’ve noticed a light in every human through the windows of their souls, sometimes masking their terror, and gulping down their fear. You see everyone has a story, many untold, some so-sad that your heart might break.
Drawn into the sadness of this life, I’ve watched as people lost their dreams and even-worse their lives.

I’ve experienced a world checked-out, because of fear and dreadful loneliness, yet I’ve seen courage and fortitude, I’ve seen a gathering of resources and the abundance of mankind, I’ve seen generosity.

Unexpected kindness has given me faith again, and though I thought this would be my year of twenty-plenty, I am grateful to have made it this far…..well, perhaps it has been my year of twenty-plenty, when grace and kindness exploded onto the scene and the skies and fields never bored me for a minute!

As the world stops to breathe, let’s re-examine our tolerance, love and forgiveness and weigh it up with a down-pouring of grace.

I am so thankful to those who have followed me, inspired me, read my words, listened to my thoughts, and to those who have spoken great kindness into my life….