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The shape of love…

My son went to live with God 5 years ago on Thursday.
Every year my sister sends me flowers to honor the day…

The shape of love
is as gentle as
a rose
in full bloom,
it is translucent moonlight
in a darkened room…
Love is a fragrance
felt on the skin,
a secret dwelling place
that resides within…
it’s all our dreams
to be known…
It’s the joy of sensing
that we’re never alone…
It’s the kind of magic
that renews our faith,
it’s a warm feeling
where gratitude bathes…


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When I was a child part 2

When I was a child I was very curious, I would open draws search in cupboards.
I knew where my mom kept her stash of Chocolates and sweets.
It was not celebrated though, if something got lost they would say to ask Ally she’ll know where it is.
My curiosity got me into trouble many times.
I remember staying with a friend of my parents and I would look into everything.
I broke something once because I was trying to see how it worked.
To this day I have never told anyone.
My mother used to say “curiosity kills the cat.” I wonder if she was trying to tell me something,
but that never deterred me!
I haven’t grown out of this curiosity, I still find myself digging into things,
wanting to know why things happen and how things work.
I recently read a study that curiosity is a great asset for a child to have.
I wish my family had read that study back then…

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Look up…

I come into the peace of wild thingswho do not tax their lives with forethought of grief.
-― Wendell Berry, The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry

When you feel like
you’ve lost your way
and glib answers
just don’t cut it.

When you’ve almost entirely forgotten
who you are,
when darkness thickens,
and light is barely visible,
and all you want to do
is lie down
and let your emotions
run through you
and out of you
to sink into the long grass
of despair…

When all around you
are voices,
empty harrowing voices
making way too much noise,
distracting you from your inner silence
and the beauty
that you have come to know so well!

Look up my darling,
stare through the windows
to the sky,
see how the leaves glisten
and honey bees gather unperturbed…

Look up and you won’t notice
how frail your earthly form
has become,
how much a dim world has hurt you…

Just absorb the silence,
let butterflies remind you
to breathe in
the gentle fragrance
of earth again
as their pale yellow impressions
dance in the cool of the day…

Listen closely to the buzzing of bees
bringing you back
from the abyss
and welcoming you into the peace
of this magical world,

The cacophony of voices will fade
into oblivion
and vibrations of kindness will return
you once again
to the wonder of wild things…


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When I was a child…

I’m starting a series of recollections of when I was a child

When I was a child we moved around a lot
and every time we moved my father would say
“don’t tell anyone”.
This was a terrible dilemma for me
because I had spent the best part of a year
developing a friendship with just one friend.
Now I had to vanish into thin air like I never existed.
The trauma was unbearable because of what waited for me on the other side,
a friendless future and being shy didn’t help.

To this day I only recall the names of 2 childhood friends from school.
I also have an aversion to secrets!