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When I was a child part 2

When I was a child I was very curious, I would open draws search in cupboards.
I knew where my mom kept her stash of Chocolates and sweets.
It was not celebrated though, if something got lost they would say to ask Ally she’ll know where it is.
My curiosity got me into trouble many times.
I remember staying with a friend of my parents and I would look into everything.
I broke something once because I was trying to see how it worked.
To this day I have never told anyone.
My mother used to say “curiosity kills the cat.” I wonder if she was trying to tell me something,
but that never deterred me!
I haven’t grown out of this curiosity, I still find myself digging into things,
wanting to know why things happen and how things work.
I recently read a study that curiosity is a great asset for a child to have.
I wish my family had read that study back then…


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

2 thoughts on “When I was a child part 2

  1. Oh I love this poem. Then I see, I love the person who would write this poem. What we say has meaning, don’t you think? How your words find to illuminate the experience being you – they validate. A sight to see. You are generous. (thanks)


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