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Where grace is…make your bed!

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness
the astonishing light of your own being.”
― Hafiz of Shiraz

Let life be much more than this,
let your feet be an abiding kiss,
on earthen grounds and tranquil lakes,
let none of this
be a mistake…

As the brewery
of your hopes and dreams,
turns the skies
into joyful beams,
so that light presses
into your form,
giving you strength to weather the storms…

and read love letters
at your door,
chalk them up to earth’s encore,
as leaves adore to dance for you,
on windy days
when you’re feeling blue…

goose bumps
will delight your skin,
as you bravely confront prevailing winds…

that turn the tides with augurs of dread,
where grace is…
make your bed!

And lie on shores with a passionate quest,
to welcome love
as your constant guest…

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If only flowers could speak

if flowers
could speak,
I know what they’d say…
“let judgement
fall away,
so that love is
your only vocabulary
and you’re safe in the glow of eternity”…

“let your imagination flow
and bask in the afterglow,
of living inside of grace
and be content
with your place”…

“like plants that cling
to soft moist earth,
quietly blossoming unconcerned!

and what if you had no expectancy,
as you rose above your density,

where nothing
is contrived,
perhaps joy
would come to life
and flow from your hearts like a melody,
born again
into the chemistry
or who you are meant to be,
freed from temporal

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“You were born from the rays of God’s Majesty
when the stars were in their perfect place.”
― Rumi

you created my inmost being

Before I could see
I sensed the sun
and dreamed of rain…

Before I could breathe
I inhaled the flow
of cosmic winds…

Before I could hear
I felt deep
vibrations of love…

Before I could touch
I was surrounded
by a divine presence…

Before I could read
I understood
the configuration
of stars…

Before I could walk
I flew with angels…

Before I could dance
I swam in vast oceans
of grace…

Before I could talk
your voice was
the harmony
of my being…

Before I could taste
I imbibed the sweetness
of contentment
in lucid dreams…

and when I came
into form,
I was gifted
with a multitude
of light-beings
who would carry me
all my days,
until my return,
once again
to the holiness of your sanctum…

For where I am you are…

Art by Ally

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aquarian moon

My thoughts
are scattered,
with nowhere to land,
I wish my body
would understand,
that flights of fancy
don’t ground my being,
I’m weighed down
by a heavy feeling…

Perhaps the full moon
will release the cause,
Aquarian beams
from a higher source…
fall down gently
on me tonight,
in your gentleness
be a lullaby…

That I may awaken
from the dread,
that lurks restlessly
on my bed,
to bring sweet dreams
back into view,
and so to banish
unspeakable blues…

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There’s a time…

“How frail the human heart must be―a mirrored pool of thought.”
― Sylvia Plath, Letters Home


There’s a time
when silence is enough,
when words drag
and times are tough…
when heavy moods stain the skies,
compelling me to soliloquize…

when breath rasps on loaded words,
utterances that sound absurd…
and through the window of this escape,
with intention
I contemplate…

that divine breath will suffice
the leaden weight
of this life…

a mortal spilling forth her dreams
waiting for Jah to intervene…

I pick up my somber thoughts,
and let them take
another course…

to gush out and be heard,
and turn again into weightless words…

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“Your body is away from me,
but there is a window open
from my heart to yours.”― Rumi


If I could go back
to a world
that made sense,
and untangle the memory of sad events…

I would stand in clearings
where dreams were made,
and breathe in the abundance
of healing shades…
I would sing the anthems
of a timeless earth,
and wait in sanctuaries
for your return…

I would dance
with those
who had been before,
and inhale the fragrance of forest floors…

But the future calls me into grace,
and I feel the essence of your embrace,

in gatherings
that have carried me
all these years,
I’ve held onto them like souvenirs…

And I see your form written against the light,
and you tell me…
“Everything will be alright”…

See you in the future…


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Like fallen dew…

wounded healers

We are the brave
our wounds… Seen from
the stars,
we exist
out of tune… Shattered
by affliction
we stand unafraid,
in confessions
of grief,
we quietly pray,
to be fluent
in compassion,
like fallen dew,
though colored
by sadness
we are lambent hues… Temporarily
while here
on this earth,
we rise from
the ruins,
to embrace
our worth …



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Light-filled celebration…

“Songbirds are taught to sing in the dark, and we are put into the shadow of God’s hand until we learn to hear Him.”


truth resides within us
a living breathing thing,
it strums on walls of darkness,
while learning how to sing…

it fuses with our heartbreak and swims against the tide,
echoing in chambers where courage dares to hide…

It seeps into the marrow
imploring the soul,
to liberate our fearfulness, that joy may be extolled…

in light-filled
defensive walls
break down…

in symphonies
of bravery,
the breath of God is found…


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Drift away…

drift away

Come with me, let’s drift away,
dream a little,
let’s not delay…

freed from the moorings
that tether the soul,
dive into abstractions, and release control…

Frolic with coots
and master their cry,
merge with the breath
of all mankind…

as lapping waters
exhale in song…let’s rest in the knowledge that we all belong…

to shifting outlooks
and placid moods,
with faith outpouring in gratitude…