Proclaimed divine…

“We’re here to awaken from the illusion of separateness”
― Ram Dass, How Can I Help? Stories and Reflection on Service

daisy with earth as centre

Are we just wanderers in oceans of doubt,
clinging to possessions
seemingly devout?

Or are we sojourners on an indigo orb,
timeless travelers trusting the source?

As restless sightseers, we search for truth,
observing the drone of never-ending loops…

in fragmented capsules, we race to belong,
briefly forgetting the tempo of our songs…

we bring sacred offerings, and set discord aside
coalescing with the goodness
of all humankind…

beginning to discover,
the nature of ourselves,
we drink from reservoirs where our humanness swells…

Learning from the Sages and enlightened beings
kindness is the conduit,
to new ways of believing…

To stand together at the edge of time,
each tongue and tribe
proclaimed divine…

image courtesy of PixaBay

Constantly in motion…

constantly in motion

Do clouds gather
to collect our tears?
vapors of love
in the atmosphere…

the heartbeat
of earthlings
in liquid traces,
from heavenly places…

bearing the weight
of our deepest despair,
merchants of hope
ascending in prayer…

returning to grounds,
desolate and dry,
pouring blessing
from mystical skies…

streaming back
into the cosmic ocean,
sacred memories,
constantly in motion…

Infuse me with sunshine…

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Waldenimbue

infuse me
with sunshine,
let my breath be still,
pour me into reservoirs
until i’ve had my fill…
imbue me with kindness,
shade me with grace,
be the scent
of earthen tracts,
enclosed in love’s embrace…

reaching skywards, touching wispy clouds
spread out
in belonging,
heavenly light abounds…



In the hallway…

“Death is our wedding with eternity.”
― Rumi

in the hallway

In the hallway, I caught my breath,
of glowing fusions
that held not death…
the walls around me whispered his name,
echoing faintly
I did the same…

and from the darkness, I silently stepped
from affliction
mine eyes have wept…

Blowing kisses, I knelt in truth
favor me
this afternoon…
lead me out of imbedded dread
be my guidance
be my tread…
hold me gently
when I weep,
lay beside me when I sleep…

Silver chords that touch the skies, be the crystals of my eyes,
dreams have carried me away,
be my heartbeat
when I pray…
from enclosures where death be said
be eternity
of which he’s wed…

image courtesy of Desi…



Look at the skies
what do you see?
and tapestries…

messages sent
on sanguine winds,
signs and wonders
that tingle the skin…

smoke signals
to bring good news,
we can’t refuse…

with upward gaze
I realized,
a hope that goes
the panorama
of a wider lens,
lifts me out of temporal trends…