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“God help us to live slowly:
To move simply:
To look softly:
To allow emptiness:
To let the heart create for us.
― Michael Leunig

In glistening meadows
where tall trees grow,
feel the softness
of an awakened glow,
and carve your name
into silvery bark,
where those
before you left their mark,

and in that moment
you’ll understand
your chosen place
in the great expanse,
in gatherings
where mortals
are fully known,
under the skies,
in likened tones…

And even if you get lost
along the way,
and sometimes feel
deeply afraid,
go to the place
where light-beings
beneath the boughs
of a holy temple,
allowing the earth
to touch your skin,
as you sense a movement of joy within…


I discovered a book called “A Common prayer” ( A cartoonist talks to God)
by an Australian cartoonist, writer, painter, philosopher and poet.
It’s quite beautiful and real!

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Scattered thoughts!

“What is to give light must endure burning.”
― Victor Frankl

My thoughts are scattered,
with nowhere to land,
I wish my body would understand,
that flights of fancy don’t ground my being,
I’m weighed down by a heavy feeling..

Perhaps Jah will hear my prayers,
and guide me safely through these fears
beaming light from a higher source
and set me gently on another course

that faith may rest on me tonight,
in the tenderness
of lullabies…
That I may awaken from the dread
that lurks relentlessly on my bed..

To bring sweet dreams back into view, and so to banish unutterable blues…

I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately, like the words are stuck in my throat
and won’t go anywhere, just festering in my body.
So many things; the state of the world and present circumstances
have weighed me down..
I think I had hoped by now that the age of Aquarius would have begun
and the world’s suffering would be over…
The Psalmist put his petitions to God, and was honest about his feelings,
I will do the same!


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Set apart…

“Being human, we struggle constantly to stay with the miracle of what is and not to fall constantly into the black hole of what is not.”― Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

If prayers
were just breathing
out fragments of hope,
I would send them on the winds
over treacherous slopes…

I’d blow them over mountains, over valleys and plains,
I’d whisper in the silence and free you from pain…

Just incline your ear to the core of your being,
listen to your heartbeat
to the thoughts you believe…

in the still hours of love,
with the resonance of grace,
I will call out your name,
as your bravely exhale,
and shout out your sorrow in connections of light,
surround you with angels who honor your plight…

my tears softly listen to the meaning of your sighs,
to the density of heartbreak
where deep pain resides,
as they fall
and lovingly
onto healing grounds,
let me show you the realm
where joy still abounds…

I can’t uncry the sadness
nor unbreak your heart,
for we live in the current that sets us apart…


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I don’t pray anymore…

I was inspired by Chelan Harkin’s poem… “Susceptible to Light” .

I don’t pray anymore,
I look up at the skies
and see birds flying,
taking mind messages
to heaven for me…
I lie on the ground
and let the earth
absorb all my misery.
I watch butterflies dance
and I marvel at their

I don’t pray anymore
I allow the planets
to align me
with their mystical powers,
as the moon throws
beams of glory on me…

I don’t pray anymore
I remember
I remember
when I was once innocent
and believed
in the miraculous,
watching plants grow,
reminding me that
love is all I need…

I don’t pray anymore,
I taste flowers
and bitter herbs
and let them color me
on the inside.
I stand under trees
and feel rooted
to sacred earth.
I let my heart
be touched
by the warm
Indian ocean
as it returns love to me
in the form
of broken shells
and patterns on the sands…

I don’t pray anymore
I pick wild flowers
and let ticklish grasses
anoint my feet.

I don’t pray anymore,
I let the eyes of children
read me,
while I rewrite
my own story…
I speak to the darkness
more often
and watch shadows
become lucid dreams…

And when I’m weary
and the world
gets too much for me
I breath God’s name
in and out
without vowels YHWH…

I let the sun light my face
with freckles
and bring the sparkle
back to my hair,
while the wind
caresses my body…

Perhaps this is prayer after all,
the true worship
of a believer… 


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“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness
the astonishing light of your own being.”
― Hafiz of Shiraz

We are reflections
of inner hope,
of faith evoked,
wanderers on this temporal plain
bearers of light within our frame…

reaching for joy,
beautiful grievers
crushed by the void…

We are the color of eternity,
brought forth in love for all to see…

and seekers of truth,
narrations of a valiant youth,
growing up as light-filled souls
we are the fragrance of grace extoled…

We gather kindness, fear and woe,
in the presence of love
we overflow…

made from the dust
of a million stars,
divine warriors adorned with scars…

coming from imperishable light,
we will return
to celestial heights..

we are the celebration of sacred life,
the apple of our maker’s eye…

Photo courtesy of Rick Frame

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“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay!”
― Maya Angelou

As heavy as raindrops
falling on dry ground,
I am drenched in the agony, that is all around,
waking the dead
from their silent abode,
mystical augurs
are being foretold…

As we stand on the brink
of a graceful reverie,
knowing at the summit
we will all believe!

In these times of turmoil,
as I awaken with dread,
my sorrow is poured out
and soaked through my bed.

But the angels are calling
asking me to be brave,
though times of suffering
come in constant waves

and I lay down my agenda
my need for control,
engraved is the heartbeat
of light-filled souls!

With weariness all around me
I have prayed for strength,
a revival of kindness
and the awareness of breath!

I’m hidden in my quarters, watching from the sides,
and I sense there are forces
that will bring faith to life.

I’ve surrendered expectation,
I’ve relinquished doubt
now I’m watering my hopes
to bring an end to this drought!


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Let the reign of peace come…

“We can change the world and make it a better place.”
― Nelson Mandela

Let the reign
of peace come
and saturate our lives,
bring the hope
of ages
to all mankind…

Be vessels of kindness
on every street,
show that love and mercy
are all that we need…

And remember
we are the image
of abiding grace,
let’s turn back to joy
and look glory
in the face…

So that unity
and wholeness
transforms our minds,
bring us into rhythm
with the greatest design..


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The sound track of my life…

Take me back
to the sound track of my life,
when libations of words poured out my desires…

when my sweet innocence
breathed holy rain,
and we danced in ceremonies

be attentive to my heartbeat,
gaze into my eyes,
look for the wildness that makes me feel alive…

Hold me and tell me that the dream is near,
speak to me in poetry and quell my deepest fears…

Listen to my ponderings, fluent in verse,
cover me
with the flowers
that carpet the earth…

Bring me symphonies, the music to my ears,
stay up with me in darkness
until the moon appears…

Transform me with love and make me bright,
bring back my vision
return me to sight…

tender me with favor, that I never feel alone,
make me forget that I was once disowned…

you are the reason
that I honor these days,
for you considered me worthy and adorned me with praise…

Art on the wall of the Beer Yard…

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Where grace is…make your bed!

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness
the astonishing light of your own being.”
― Hafiz of Shiraz

Let life be much more than this,
let your feet be an abiding kiss,
on earthen grounds and tranquil lakes,
let none of this
be a mistake…

As the brewery
of your hopes and dreams,
turns the skies
into joyful beams,
so that light presses
into your form,
giving you strength to weather the storms…

and read love letters
at your door,
chalk them up to earth’s encore,
as leaves adore to dance for you,
on windy days
when you’re feeling blue…

goose bumps
will delight your skin,
as you bravely confront prevailing winds…

that turn the tides with augurs of dread,
where grace is…
make your bed!

And lie on shores with a passionate quest,
to welcome love
as your constant guest…