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Like fallen dew…

wounded healers

We are the brave
our wounds… Seen from
the stars,
we exist
out of tune… Shattered
by affliction
we stand unafraid,
in confessions
of grief,
we quietly pray,
to be fluent
in compassion,
like fallen dew,
though colored
by sadness
we are lambent hues… Temporarily
while here
on this earth,
we rise from
the ruins,
to embrace
our worth …



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Light-filled celebration…

“Songbirds are taught to sing in the dark, and we are put into the shadow of God’s hand until we learn to hear Him.”


truth resides within us
a living breathing thing,
it strums on walls of darkness,
while learning how to sing…

it fuses with our heartbreak and swims against the tide,
echoing in chambers where courage dares to hide…

It seeps into the marrow
imploring the soul,
to liberate our fearfulness, that joy may be extolled…

in light-filled
defensive walls
break down…

in symphonies
of bravery,
the breath of God is found…


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Drift away…

drift away

Come with me, let’s drift away,
dream a little,
let’s not delay…

freed from the moorings
that tether the soul,
dive into abstractions, and release control…

Frolic with coots
and master their cry,
merge with the breath
of all mankind…

as lapping waters
exhale in song…let’s rest in the knowledge that we all belong…

to shifting outlooks
and placid moods,
with faith outpouring in gratitude…


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58 days under house arrest…

“Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love, which linger and continue to lift up others long after your sharing.”
― Rumi

jack the dronga

Yesterday I read in the news that the richest people on the planet have become richer during this pandemic. Then I went outside and saw a man scratching in bins for something to eat.

Nothing makes sense to me, it hasn’t for a long time.
We are losing our livelihoods while some are gaining the whole world.
My mother used to say to me that “the world has gone mad” and that was a good many years ago.
She left post-war Britain to live through 2 wars in Africa.
Has anything changed since then? Are we all crashing towards something more beautiful? Are we leaving this horrible brutality that we have become accustomed to behind? I really hope so.
Are these the labor pains of the age of Aquarius, or am I just a dreamer?

As the sun quiets and even pauses for a time and the tectonic plates slowly drift, I hope that it’s the jolt the world needs to wake up and remember that the abundance belongs to us all.
Where did we come from anyway and where are we returning to?
We can’t take it with us!

I have never feared dying from a virus, until now, and I’ve had pneumonia and been hospitalized with breathing difficulties caused by asthma.

Our humanity is being threatened. My hairdresser can’t work, my friend who owns a health store can’t pay the rent, domestic workers can’t feed their families, my son who works in a restaurant is doing deliveries for a fraction of his salary, another friend who plays gigs at markets has no money and relies on the kindness of friends, and our Airbnb won’t be getting guests anytime soon.

Is this the new normal, how do we survive this thing?

A fisherman got arrested the other day for not having the correct permit, and they fined someone for not wearing a mask in public. It feels quite surreal when we think of what we have become, how we have morphed into inmates under house arrest.

Do the powers that be enjoy watching people slowly lose hope and starve?

It is gut-wrenching to see mile-long queues of people waiting all day for food parcels, while Kim Kardashian shows off a freezer full of every imaginable flavor of ice-cream and loads of sprinkles that some may never get to taste in their lifetime. It seems wicked in a world where there is plenty to go around.

Kids in our township schools do not have internet or computers so their education is on hold and they roam the streets losing hope by the day.

My musician friend said not too long ago that “he longs for the days when the world made sense and we walked tall in grace.”

I myself have only survived because I take my instructions from ducks who skim across glassy lagoons and butterflies who waft past my face.
These creatures take the weight off my shoulders, they lift me out of myself, those who have come from their own dark place.

There’s a heaviness around, as people trudge through day to day living, hoping for that happy ending that we have watched so many times in movies. I for one am counting on it.

Maybe that’s why I love super-heroes and saviors who put their own appetites aside to assist the destitute in times of need.

I’m afraid I’ve been watching too much news lately. I’m like the speculator who waited for the world to change and become kinder, like the watched kettle that never boils, and I’m growing weary.

My mood ebbs and flows like a bipolar tide allowing me to crash and rise with it.

This morning a bird came to remind me that he doesn’t reap or sow or gather into barns, yet he is still fed, while enjoying crumbs of my carrot cake.
As we rode home, I spied the lilies of the fields, dressed better than King Solomon in all his splendor and peace returned.

But I’m human and the weight of gravity pulls me down into an abyss of fear at times, it obstructs my heart rhythm and keeps me from believing in my higher self.

As I lay awake at 1am this morning, thinking out loud and praying in the dark, I hoped that the sighting of the new moon would bring a brighter new day for every earthling…

Have a Blessed Eid, those who celebrate this festival…


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Comfort zone…

comfort zone

I’m living in my comfort zone
watching sunbirds
cherishing home…

And as I look through distorted lens,
people falling
shocking trends…

My heart lies heavy in this cave,
as I watch
the impending wave…

Living in my comfort zone
reminders on my telephone…

From afar I feel their grief
watching numbers
am I deceived?

Crying out my words are spent
in prayer, I’m constantly bent…

Living in my comfort zone
some are saying
I may be prone…

Hearing fear all around
I call out from this holy ground

Telling angels
speaking to ghosts
I plead with God
to renew our hope…

Into benevolence, I gently dive
from this fallout
faith will survive…

All around me
guardians of light
bringing peace to our plight

Living in my comfort zone
in my frailty
I quietly groan…

I send forth light from this place
expecting kindness to filter from space…

Worrying times
financial fears
mingled with fervent prayers…

Calling from my comfort zone
remembering that I’m not alone
so very loved
so very dear
through the chaos
love perseveres…

in the dark night of each soul,
perhaps the light is making us whole…


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“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”
― Julian of Norwich


at twilight
when movement thrills,
night birds call
and moods distill…

on deserted roadways
silence speaks,
hidden reminders
the soul to keep…

hearing calls
that all is well,
ancient teachings
a gentle swell…

quiet whispers
quell despair,
a sense of knowing fills the air…

fear had spoken
far too loud,
when I joined the frenzied crowd…


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Uncolored mood…

uncolored mood

Everything shutdown
the wind wouldn’t tell,
a vagueness held
in unresponsive swell…

And her flesh
bode heavily,
in drab uncolored mood,
no messages to ponder,
her voice was unmoved…

She felt her bones
grow weary,
her breath giving in,
like the ending of an era,
time withered her skin…

Would she reemerge
from the umbra
from perceptions
against the scorch of extinction,
would her cry be heard?

Art courtesy of Facebook…

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If you touch her
she may crumble
before your eyes,
for at times
she doesn’t feel truly alive…

She’s held up
by prayers
and mystical things,
she thrives
on kindness
and the warmth of her skin…

On dark nights she cries
while you are asleep,
she searches
for shadows
and visions that speak…

Her strength comes not
from what is seen,
it’s grace that carries
her in-between
the silences
of when she’s
fully awake
and before
the dawn
when dreams are opaque…

The morning
holds promises
that blessing
will come,
and she opens her eyes
to welcome the sun…


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Proclaimed divine…

“We’re here to awaken from the illusion of separateness”
― Ram Dass, How Can I Help? Stories and Reflection on Service

daisy with earth as centre

Are we just wanderers in oceans of doubt,
clinging to possessions
seemingly devout?

Or are we sojourners on an indigo orb,
timeless travelers trusting the source?

As restless sightseers, we search for truth,
observing the drone of never-ending loops…

in fragmented capsules, we race to belong,
briefly forgetting the tempo of our songs…

we bring sacred offerings, and set discord aside
coalescing with the goodness
of all humankind…

beginning to discover,
the nature of ourselves,
we drink from reservoirs where our humanness swells…

Learning from the Sages and enlightened beings
kindness is the conduit,
to new ways of believing…

To stand together at the edge of time,
each tongue and tribe
proclaimed divine…

image courtesy of PixaBay