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Slow town vibes…

If you were to drive through Sedgefield you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a bit of a dump. Some of the buildings are abandoned and in disrepair, gardens are overgrown, their owners absconded long ago and some can’t even be traced.
Don’t be put off by appearances though, rather take a slow drive along our magical lagoon and sit a while on a memorial bench, pose in our lovely mosaiced beetle and watch local fishermen pumping for prawns on a warm summer’s day.
You’ll see another side of what we call the “Slow-Town”, where tortoises rule the roads…

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Dreamy moods at twilight
imbue us with peace
on paths of contemplation
we stroll down quiet streets…

*Dikkops guard their nestlings
calling to the night,
and when the load sheds
we return by starlight!

We are back into a schedule of power breaks during the day and night.
Having lived in Zimbabwe I know the feeling of shortages
and not having an abundance of goods available.
I remember having 3 chocolates to choose from when I was a child..
a crunchie, a lunch bar, and a flake.
It made me appreciate the shops in South Africa and overseas
where there is so much stuff, it boggles the mind.
There is something to be said about a pitch dark night though.
It was the first time I had seen a shooting star in years
and my old fridge has been defrosting itself automatically.
(Yes I do know that the modern fridges do that. 😉 )

Oh and the other thing we do is cook our food on a fire, it’s like re-wilding ourselves…

*Dikkop is a nocturnal bird who loves the night, also known as a spotted thick-knee.

Photo credit…”De wet’s Wild”