Winter beckons

autumn 4
The mornings are quite frosty,
the nights are getting long.
An oblique sun is shining,
cold winds have joined the throng.

The leaves are falling bravely
from tall majestic trees.
Birds are chattering madly,
undaunted by crisp breeze.

I’ve rummaged through my closet
for all my warmer clothes.
I really dread mid-winter
when Antarctic wind blows.

I grew up in the tropics
where winters don’t persist.
Though I do love autumn colours
and playful morning mists.


Take me to the Beach

“Your heart is the size of the ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths”.
Jalaluddin Rumi

take me to the beach
I delight to plunge
into waves of glory.
Walk on flaxen sands
and gather Earth’s story.

Drink the golden sunlight
and touch the salt air.
Give praise to the Earth
and offer a prayer.

Take a pilgrimage
to the end of the rainbow.
Bask in abundance,
while letting it flow.

Watch dolphins dance
in a sparkling ocean,
behold seagulls plummet
and swoop in motion.

Count the starfish
at rest in motionless pools.
Feel the flickering tide
splatter me with jewels.

I’ll offer my prayers
in light of the sun.
Even in dark hours
my praise has begun.



sunset 2Particles of sunlight
explode in my eyes.
Yonder vista glimmers
molecules alive.
Vibrant colours burst
across the fading light.
The golden orb falls silently
beckoning the night.
Touches of luminosity
embrace the lofty dunes.
The distant call of seagulls,
entice the crescent moon.
Small fish dart busily
rock pools glow sublime.
The tide gently rises
anemones entwine.
A quiet breeze caresses
the sparse emerald plants,
while herons tiptoe placidly
it requires a second glance.
As we head homeward
a fragile mist descends.
With fitting devotion
a perfect day ends!