Light still dances…

ziggy remembrrance

Can I look across the bright fields
where you lay,
and recall your gentle spirit,
without dismay.

Scooped up by the angels,
not so long ago,
you blended into the setting sun,
and fused with indigo.

Light still dances
with fallen leaves,
in memory of you,
beneath the shadow of evergreens,
I hear a faint mew…


Thank you

Thank you to everyone who sends me kind wishes, thoughts and prayers….
Your messages mean so much to me!

This is me with my Eldest son and my cat Ziggy-Stardust…
ally ryan and ziggy
“Heaven” turned up,
I’m astonished again,
Angelic auras, radiance transcends….

Signs and wonders,
brighten my soul,
darkness whispers,
“no need to control”!

Guides in half-light when all seems lost,
quiet declarations
my path crossed.

Messages of love embroider the air,
concern and caring,
kind hearted prayers.
Thoughts have wings and soar over the seas,
glowing compassion,
brings me relief!