Sneaky Time Traveller

time traveller 2
Vanishing into thin air,
I cannot find a trace.
The next day remerging
a soul from outer space.

Her eyes are wide and freaky
as if she’s seen a ghost,
caught in other dimensions
beyond eerie outposts!

She sneaks around at 2am,
sliding through nebulous voids.
Then high jumps onto satellites
as if boarding asteroids!

They say she is in the garage
maybe under a tree?
She’s really a time traveler
of outer galaxies !

Disappearing through worm holes
ripping the fabric of time,
into hidden dimensions,
shifting with the paradigm!

I have so many questions
about where she’s been
Uncanny time traveler
behind that smoke screen!

She keeps a lot of secrets
about the man in the moon.
Weary from her adventures,
sleeping away, until noon!