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Let peace be upon us…

“May your prayer of listening deepen enough
to hear in the depths the laughter of god.”
― John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings

Be the spirit of love
be the calm in the storm
Feel the transfiguration
Let kindness be the norm.
Gather your faith
With all humanity
Let peace be upon us
For we have the capacity…
Blessed are the meek
Inheritors of the earth
Sink into the substance of God’s everlasting mirth..


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Standing on the edge of the universe
looking through the eyes of the divine
it was a sacred moment
a movement out of time
and the earth heaved softly
I felt her embrace
in particles of sunlight
that glistened all over my face
I nearly walked on water
like an ever-faithful daughter

And I took a boat to nowhere
in my imagination,
and there in the middle of fluency, I found no separation…


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I wonder if anyone heard the sadness that transcends words

the tears that continue to cry
faith that has no disguise
when answers can’t be found
and life has run aground
does anyone know if light will return
to assuage the grief that quietly yearns

to become unstuck from dark thoughts
and go home again
to the source

and arrive where butterflies land
in realms where hope and love expand

so that vision is clear once more
and the fullness of joy is being restored…


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Glory tree…

To Ed

Tibouchina, Glory Tree, Glory Bush, Princess Flower

On days like this in scattered blues,
I’m grateful for a flowery muse,
to delicately
whisper in tones to me,
from purple florets of a glory tree

to blossom joyfully
in healing shade,
and let despair gradually fade.

his colors spoke of quietude,
prompting a cheerful attitude…

This plant was gifted to us by one of our Airbnb guests. He turned 95 while he was staying with us. He was a real gentleman and we often regale stories of his visit to friends.
This plant had not flowered for the past 3 years, then suddenly it burst into life.
I began to wonder about our visitor Ed and I looked up his wife. We had promised him that when he turned 100 he could stay with us for free, but sadly he left the Earth in December of last year, just short of his 100th birthday. It was as if he was sending a message to me via this glory tree to let me know that he is still around. His wife told me that he wanted his ashes scattered in the sea, near to where we live, Sedgefield being “his happy place”.

It was an honor knowing him.


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“There is a space that shows people that magic is real,
the other side is reality.”

You’ll find me
at the crossroads
where joy and sorrow meet.
A place of reunion
where faith is made complete.
where peace and love
allow me
to be myself,
in miraculous moments where light beings dwell…


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Patient lucy…

“the earth laughs in flowers.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

In blushing reminders
that light
never dims,
and the generosity of nature is a glorious hymn,
I wallow in the ambiance
of a gentle flow,
among *busy lizzies
and quiet overgrowth…


*The Impatiens walleriana is a favorite within many households within the UK and US and named busy lizzie in the UK and patient lucy within the US.

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Happy Valentine’s day…

“Would you become a pilgrim on the road of love?
The first condition is that you make yourself humble as dust and ashes.
― Maulana Jalalu-‘D-Din Muhammad I Rumi

Walk with me, beloved,
through fields of wildflowers,
singing songs of freedom
bring your super-powers…

Hold my hand when I’m weary,
listen to my voice,
let’s meander through the valleys and dispel the blaring noise…

Walk with me, beloved
and I will walk with you,
through wild imaginations
and skies of azure blue..

be my companion, when the stars are on display,
let’s gently rediscover the path of a better way..

Let’s go in truth, beloved,
silence will be our guide,
into unknown landscapes
with grace by our side…
we’ll stretch out the canvas
of a higher view,
and gather other seekers who search for their own truth…

Bear with me, beloved
when nights are fearsome and dark,
be my reassurance even when I miss the mark…

Be my homing pigeon, sleeping on the wing,
let’s believe together
in an everlasting-Spring…

Know that love will find us, wherever we may go,
in joyous celebration
as nature puts on a show…

Walk with me beloved through indestructible worlds,
in-spite of our grave concerns…


Most people who know me, know that I believe in love and all its wonder.
Be it the love of a friend, a brother, a child, or a partner.

Love is all around even in the wildness of the everyday!
let’s be love together!
(and yes it can be a squishy kind of love when the heart is all melty)