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I’m written into the script…

wild flowers in the gardenThese words don’t belong to me,
the song isn’t mine,
I’ve tried to make sense of it,
but I read like a whine…

The tune is damaged,
it’s garbled at best,
my heart has been shattered,
how can I invest?

The future doesn’t know me
though I’m written
into the script,
the resurgence of sorrow
is hard to predict…

So I’ll face the music,
hold onto the wire,
and if they receive me,
I will blend with the choir…

There’s safety
in the shadows
hiding me from view,
in the sweetness of oblivion
in a tangle of hues…

My melody is outnumbered,
wounds will not heal,
but this is the symphony
of me being real…

I’ll quietly rehearse,
and give movement
to the mime,
enroll in the precepts
that teach humans to shine…

but if my strength vanishes,
and I’m caught off-key,
please show me
the cadence
of your humanity…

like wildflowers
in the garden,
almost hidden
from sight,
I bravely reach up,
and transcend
into light…


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Masked ball…


Are we masked
crashing through time,
trying to make sense
of party lines?

Unable to touch
or even embrace,
hardly breathing,
our wildness erased…

Cautioned by fear,
longing to be set free,
acquiescing to
this threat
like detainees…

Who planned this rip
in the fabric of time,
is this the new normal,
and have we resigned?
to strange masquerades
infiltrating earth,
all dressed
for the occasion,
with only whispers of mirth…


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The unsaid…

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep!”― Rumi


Some things remain unsaid
but words have resonance,
they echo in heart chambers,
they wake us before dawn
and desire articulation…

the pain needs to be exsanguinated
however deadly it may seem!

there’s a brutal truth that lies deep
in the bosom of heartache
it festers
if left
it longs to be known
to be expunged
from its self-made gallows…

and yet there’s fear
in this witches’ brew
this potion
this spell of deceit
that grew up in us…

How do we untangle the words and let them come forth without lacerating ourselves and others in the process?…


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Keep the light on…

“We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.”
― George Orwell

No entry

Deserted beaches,
silent halls,
moods translated
by talking walls…

overcrowded messages
are caught on zoom,
while protestations
wordlessly fume…

Wishes float into thin air,
skeptics chafe
on garbled prayers…

Outdoor dreaming
is all but shut,
folksy monotones
are in a rut…

Muted citizens
while hungry queuers digest dismay…

baited breath
of the unsaid,
lies are truth,
and truth is dead…

On the other side of this dystopian state,
is a unity of consciousness we must create…


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Sacred Journeys…

journey with grief

It’s like a freight train
in the darkness
hitting me at full speed…

in that moment,
a wound
that has to bleed…

It’s a fearful obsession,
an emptiness within,
as well as
a deep knowing,
it’s goose bumps
on my skin…

It’s the voice
of a tormentor
saying that he’s gone,
it only lasts
a second,
it’s the mystical beyond…

It’s unexplainable visits
when breathing in light,
it’s a deep knowing
that gets me
through the night…

It’s rainbows
boldly stretched
across azure skies,
it’s a change of direction,
unraveling the lies…

It’s a gentle banishment
of archaic beliefs,
a supernatural feeling,
a glorious release…

It’s a slow awakening
expanding the mind,
It’s everlasting kindness,
faith in the Divine…

It’s a visceral knowing
that he watches
over me,
It’s a sacred journey
A loving reverie…


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Cosmic Dance…

art by l muri

I touched
warm waters,
my heart
in my hand…
wading in the shallows
I felt earth expand…

In sacred moments,
you are everywhere,
a cosmic dancer,
without a care..

and waters lapped
over my broken heart,
with emotion…
I became a part
of all
that was and ever shall be
a swimmer
in a supernatural sea…

Art by L. Muri…

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I went down
to the river
to rewrite my vows,
with creation
beneath hallowed boughs…

I went there
to wash
my misgivings
the sweet waters flowed
into sentient spray…

And in the mists
of consuming
way down
in the shadows
my heart
was exposed…

In rivers
of mourning
I consented to the pain,
living waters
I will drink joy again…


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“Whenever you should doubt your self-worth, remember the lotus flower. Even though it plunges to life from beneath the mud, it does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty.”
― Suzy Kassem


words come
from pits of despair,
from stinking cesspools,
from marshy lairs…

beauty grows out
of darkened quags,
and flowers begin to bloom on lighter paths…

the lotus emerges from muddy pools,
inspiring a glow
like, recast jewels…

Art by Ally…
Sadly my Ziggy-Stardust cat changed worlds a year ago
but he continues to inspire me…

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From the wellspring…

“In your light, I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”
― Rumi

the sea

from the wellspring
of a broken heart,
death’s brutality
had torn me apart…
spilling divinity
from the wound,
where grief’s sinew
had been exhumed… And words
from the source,
making prose a holy force…
not my words
just pickings
from my bones…
where light had infiltration,
grace allows
to raise