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Sacred Journeys…

journey with grief

It’s like a freight train
in the darkness
hitting me at full speed…

in that moment,
a wound
that has to bleed…

It’s a fearful obsession,
an emptiness within,
as well as
a deep knowing,
it’s goose bumps
on my skin…

It’s the voice
of a tormentor
saying that he’s gone,
it only lasts
a second,
it’s the mystical beyond…

It’s unexplainable visits
when breathing in light,
it’s a deep knowing
that gets me
through the night…

It’s rainbows
boldly stretched
across azure skies,
it’s a change of direction,
unraveling the lies…

It’s a gentle banishment
of archaic beliefs,
a supernatural feeling,
a glorious release…

It’s a slow awakening
expanding the mind,
It’s everlasting kindness,
faith in the Divine…

It’s a visceral knowing
that he watches
over me,
It’s a sacred journey
A loving reverie…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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