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Catching my breath…

Walking in on other-worlds
where thoughts are prayers,
covered in sunlight
strolling unawares,

oblivious of the darkness gathering
beneath my feet,
I’m lost in the untamed beauty
that never sleeps…

seeing through the glass dimly
I hold my breath,
His grace is sufficient
even in these depths…

And mirrored images remind me of you,
as I free-fall helplessly
into the blues..

so I move with the swell of an ebbing tide,
and see heaven’s glory


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What dreams may come?

“For in that sleep of death what dreams may come”
― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

This is the location where the jogger went past us…

It was a day like any other, we decided to have our daily walk in the late afternoon.
Our little dog Zebby barked loudly in excitement, as we headed up the hill.
A young man with dark curly hair and harlequin *pants was coming down, we greeted him.
His attire seemed unusual and yet he was quite mesmerizing, I thought nothing of it at the time…

As we carried on walking towards the mouth of the lagoon, a jogger whom we were not acquainted with, came running past, he waived cordially to us. I remember thinking how lithe he was for a man of his age. He was in his sixties, I imagined.

As we approached the car park there was an animated crowd in the distance and we wondered what was going on. It seemed that the jogger had collapsed. He was surrounded by a small group of people trying to help him. They called us over, they were about to put him in the car and take him to the hospital, and they needed our help because he was literally a dead weight. I assumed at the time that these people knew this man.

As I stared at him in horror, I observed how he had begun to turn a bluish-grey and his eyelids flickered. It was as if he had relinquished all the strength in his body and just flopped down onto the dusty earth. I had a feeling at the time that this man was taking his last breath. It was quite disturbing to me because I wasn’t with my son Stevie when he died. I have seen enough episodes of CSI to imagine what the final stages of death look like, but I don’t dwell on that image.

It had probably been just another day for our jogger, and then the unexpected happened.
The amazing thing about it all was that the young man in the harlequin pants who was going down the hill in the opposite direction just a few minutes earlier was there in the crowd. We hadn’t seen him run past us. He had to have sprinted a good 1,5km to have been there to catch the jogger in his final moments. In the commotion, I hadn’t thought about it but his harlequin pants seemed to have made him stand-out in this small gathering of people.

After they sped off in the car, we wandered home in a state of shock, it all happened so quickly.
The investigator in me couldn’t leave it alone, I wanted to know what happened to our jogger. The next day I looked up on our local’s Facebook page and found that he had in fact died. It turned out that our jogger was with a group of people who hadn’t known him.
The question remained, who was the young man in harlequin pants?

I searched around and found some of the other local Samaritans called to duty by something greater than themselves, but not him.

I still look for him on our walks, I still ponder that event. It seems to me that a plan had been put in place to make sure our jogger friend was not alone at his moment of death. Oft times we have been to the very same location at the mouth and there has not been a soul present…

The mystical side of me likes to think that the young man in harlequin pants was an Angel, because he definitely had a kind of beautiful charismatic quality about him.
I just know one thing; he was somewhat unusual for a man of his age. Perhaps he had momentary lost direction when we first saw him, or was he the sign I needed to remind me that love is all around, every minute of every day?

It led me to the conclusion that we are never alone when we die, despite appearances. We are surrounded by multitudes of light beings…



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Keeping watch…

Jupiter and Saturn will appear extremely close Dec 21 2020. Jupiter is the brighter of the two planets in the night sky. … “The last observable time these planets were this close was the year 1226.” Because the planets will be so close together near Christmas, it’s being dubbed the “Christmas Star” by some.

stuck in dark obsessions,
and current waves of fear,
I’m keeping watch
at twilight
for faith to reappear.

I stand on a pillar of hope
carried by prevailing winds,
looking to distant planets,
to reanoint our skin,
with love
and peace,
with kindness
and goodness…

to catch a glimpse of heaven
in all of its fullness!

and every tribe and tongue will be gathered into light
all of the earth’s suffering will vanish with the night!


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“For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?
Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”
― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


I watched a man take his last breaths yesterday. He was out jogging and collapsed. I only found out later that he didn’t make it. It affected me, to say the least, I watched as his skin turned blue, his eyes fluttered and his body flopped. At the time I didn’t know that he was on his last legs, but I thought about him and I thought about death.

I have spent the last two and a half years studying death. I have had my own share of staring death in its face. When my son went to live with God, I thought about it a lot. I try not to dwell on his last day but I’m often bombarded by its brutality.

Many see death as the end of the road, I never have. Some even see it as a terrible tragedy, and while I would never want to understate the enormity of the suffering of people left behind, I don’t see it as a tragedy. John O’donohue says in his poem “On the death of the Beloved”…”Though your days here were brief, your spirit was live, awake, complete.”

Through studying near-death experiences and shared death experiences I have come to understand the beauty and majesty of death. The details don’t always look beautiful to the physical eyes and though it can contain much suffering near the end, I have come to believe what Rumi says “death is our wedding with eternity”.

Having read many great poet’s interpretations of death has given me great comfort. I cannot see death as finality, no matter which way I look at it.
Many people don’t want to talk of death because it is a hard subject but like Kahlil Gibran said “life and death are one.”

I would recommend a book called “lessons from the light” by Kenneth Ring if anyone is interested in discovering more about near-death experiences, it changed my life…

…when God came to take him home,
he knew he’d never been alone,
and in the fading of his sight,
his body turned to black and white…
on thresholds of another world,
time stood still, and truth unfurled,
where there is no such thing as fear
just recollections of all the years,
in gatherings of great joy,
the simple pleasures of a humanoid,
and when his breath was no more
he knew the joy of heaven’s encore,
he floated back to ecstatic light,
where wounds are healed and souls are bright
and now his sups eternal love,
he’s everywhere
he’s up above,
soaring through the azure skies
and on the wings of butterflies…
his colors evanesced from this earth
and he blossomed into joy’s rebirth,
waking up in fields of flowers,
he’d harnessed his superpowers…

a celebration of eternal life,
safe in the arms of the Divine…


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“Magical places are always beautiful and deserve to be contemplated … Always stay on the bridge between the invisible and the visible. ”
― Paulo Coelho


I found a place of magic
where tears
fall like rain,
watering the flowers,
where hope
grows again…

clouds may gather
to contrast light,
and stars
are luminous
on the darkest nights…

There’s an affliction that crumbles the bones,
it enhances vibration
and raises
the tone,
of faith
and compassion
of every living thing
gushing from reservoirs
where mortals
to drink…

and the God of my understanding
brought me to life,
surrounded by heaven
I’m assured
that I’m divine…


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We sat together…

“Birds are the eyes of Heaven.”
― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

seagull buffles

We sat together
enjoying the view,
he bragged
about his lofty pew…
In between
he spoke in squawks,
my relentless thoughts…
Teaching me
to live in the moment,
with squeals
and clucks
he was quite outspoken…


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Warrior Maiden…

“She wore her battle scars like wings, looking at her you would never know that once upon a time she forgot how to fly”
― Nikki Rowe

wore her wings

She wore her pain
with courage,
her scars appeared as wings…
in attendance of the angels
her wounds
lost their sting…

and in fading embers of sorrow
she blew her disguise
it was the face of the immortal
that caused her world
to collide…

From death-defying battles,
a warrior maiden
dressed in garments of a thousand moonbeams,
she was visibly composed….

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