reaching the stars

I held him for a moment
by his hues,
then I cast
him back
into the sapphire blues ♡
he fused
with the pulse
of a thousand stars
as he touched
the nebula
on his way to Mars…


gardens of delight

She strolled
in the garden
at eventide,
an infinite presence
by her side…

she ambled through thickets
of dancing light,
finding auras
and magical sights…

when remembrance
she knew his name,
the delight
of her heart
was fully proclaimed…

Proclaimed divine…

“We’re here to awaken from the illusion of separateness”
― Ram Dass, How Can I Help? Stories and Reflection on Service

daisy with earth as centre

Are we just wanderers in oceans of doubt,
clinging to possessions
seemingly devout?

Or are we sojourners on an indigo orb,
timeless travelers trusting the source?

As restless sightseers, we search for truth,
observing the drone of never-ending loops…

in fragmented capsules, we race to belong,
briefly forgetting the tempo of our songs…

we bring sacred offerings, and set discord aside
coalescing with the goodness
of all humankind…

beginning to discover,
the nature of ourselves,
we drink from reservoirs where our humanness swells…

Learning from the Sages and enlightened beings
kindness is the conduit,
to new ways of believing…

To stand together at the edge of time,
each tongue and tribe
proclaimed divine…

image courtesy of PixaBay

A sacred celebration…

“We’re all just walking each other home.”
― Ram Dass

carols by candlelight

There’s a field of love around us,
an energetic pull…
a momentous feeling,
of grace alive
in full…

Angels cry holy
and anthems can be heard,
in sacred celebration
of consciousness
in the world…

A wave of joy greets us,
the unseen
a mystical awakening
it’s music to our ears…

And we dance
to the silence,
singing in between,
despite all our brokenness,
kindness intervenes…

the enlivenment
of our senses,
a glorious shift,
a divine intervention,
an incarnate gift…

It’s the call
to remember
from whence
we have come,
earthbound for a moment
we coalesce
with the son…

Sentient beings
among us
the silence,
speaking out truth,
with love and grace
to guide us…

If I had wings…

summer soltice

If I had wings
I would fly to you,
over dark vistas,
passed Timbuktu…

I’d walk
on rooftops
just to see your face,
search crowds
until I feel
your warm embrace…

If I had wings,
you would see
me shine,
We’d be like souls
from primordial times…

we’d dance together
in timeless
celestial oceans
near the Pleiades…

Something real…

simple christmas

The tinsel decorations have been put aside,
tiny Santa’s,
and golden baubles

gather dust in forlorn boxes…

The meaning has been questioned,
over and over
played out
and misunderstood…

If it does not taste of Love it has no flavor…

all she wanted was simplicity,
just a few lights,

and the
soft glow
of something real…

Constantly in motion…

constantly in motion

Do clouds gather
to collect our tears?
vapors of love
in the atmosphere…

the heartbeat
of earthlings
in liquid traces,
from heavenly places…

bearing the weight
of our deepest despair,
merchants of hope
ascending in prayer…

returning to grounds,
desolate and dry,
pouring blessing
from mystical skies…

streaming back
into the cosmic ocean,
sacred memories,
constantly in motion…