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Temples of light…

I want to frolic in temples of light,
let the movement of foliage
be my delight,
carve my name
into ageless bark,
forage for mushrooms
in the dark…
The chorus of tree-frogs
will whir in my ears,
and all my concerns
will disappear,
among forest dwellers
near fairy haunts,
where gentle woodlands
capture my thoughts…


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Standing on the edge of the universe
looking through the eyes of the divine
it was a sacred moment
a movement out of time
and the earth heaved softly
I felt her embrace
in particles of sunlight
that glistened all over my face
I nearly walked on water
like an ever-faithful daughter

And I took a boat to nowhere
in my imagination,
and there in the middle of fluency, I found no separation…


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“All I can be is me- whoever that is. ”
― Bob Dylan

Words are out of tune
right now
they hardly resemble me
at times darkness
crowds in
and days are blurred with color.
I’m saturated
in unknown things
the world seems to pass me by

The summer of love
is happening
and I’ve got my bare-feet on…


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Forest bathing…

This is Friston Forest where the Timelords gather…

Let me go to the forests
where gentle trees weep
and surround me in silence
my secrets to keep

where a chorus of tree frogs
takes away the pain
and sunbeams dance
and love never wanes

where I feel the magic of kindness and grace
where butterflies whisper
and wonder awaits

and all I need is an escape for my dreams
music to dance to
and sweet-tasting streams

where pathways are reimagined
and wildness exists
where I’m swathed in glory
and showered with gifts…

and the soft light of the forest
brings me back to life,
and I’m gently reminded
I am truly divine..

Photo credit Rick Frame

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Winged messenger…

“We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.”
― Carl Gustav Jung

She is a living breathing spectacle
of nature
found in secret places
born of night
she grows weary by day
her crimson apparel never fading with her life
she is a messenger of love
reminding me of rebirth
of new beginnings
of samsara

And hope swells within me

For I have been ripped to the core
spread out like a wasteland
longing for the night
to end my suffering

I am the sleeper dancing between worlds

you send winged messengers to comfort me
to remind me that I am never alone
to bring beauty
to my wilderness of doubt

And she stayed alive long enough
to become the beauty
that we all are
for she flies against the light
leaving a trail of joy
behind her

it’s only in dying that she continues
her hatchlings live on
in hidden places

she is my joy made complete..


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A resonance of grace…

‘When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”
― Rumi

There’s a chant over the waters,
a resonance of grace,
an eloquent knowing
a divine embrace…

The trees are swaying noisily
to the movement of the wind,
fluid elaborations
of light that’s quietly dimmed.

and the rain falls softly
from sunless skies,
spoonbills dance together,
their mood vocalized.

fields rejoice loudly in squelching sounds,
and a festival of color revitalizes the ground!