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Songs of fall…

Stormy overtures
the reviews are in,
summer’s gig is wearing thin.
Autumn creeps and clouds converge,
on grey horizons the call is heard.
Harbingers of what is to come
foretelling rains and a distant sun.
Though warmer days have not yet passed,
an autumnal attitude is being forecast.
Birds tarry with brighter days
in morning dew
and in matinees…
Change foretold by the songs of fall,
while the summer sun is acting small!


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Happy Solstice!

Today we celebrate our Summer Solstice
with a celebration of wonderful summer light and flowers.
The Northern Climes are celebrating Winter Solstice
with the promise of light returning…
Wherever you are Happy Solstice.
This is for you Sandy…

We call these Christmas flowers…
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Earth’s encore…

So you don’t
get love letters
Go out into the fields
and drink in nature’s cure…

of love
are everywhere
and dancing with creative flair…

serenading you
with undying love,
messages that fall
from up above…

and when you find
at your door,
go out and join-in
with earth’s encore…


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Mellow ambiance…

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”
― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

There’s a resplendent elegance
about falling leaves,
a mellow ambiance
when conditions ease.

a crunch on the pavement breaks my stride
and flickering of particles gently collide…

the sun dips low
in water-colored groves,
I feel the fluency of light exposed.

the vacant stare
of these troubled times,
is being assuaged by natures signs…


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Decorative signs
of early spring,
creep quietly
with the news they bring…
To remind us that hope survives,
to bask in sunshine
and so to thrive…
To let go
of wintery dread,
and blossom profusely from
dormant beds…
To come to life
with anthems raised,
and cover borders
with lavish praise…
To renew their vows
with Mother earth,
and burst
with the fragrance
of rebirth…


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Wintery discontent

winter of discontent

I cried and cried all day,
while unsympathetic winds blew…
clouds pressed down in leaden greys
overwhelming the blues…

and rain mingled with my tears
falling freely…
leaves crunched underfoot,
my bearing was uneasy…

wintery discontent
had swaggered in
without an apology,
and emotions creaked,
bearing gloom,
shaken by the velocity…