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Reflected light…

“We all shine on…like the moon and the stars and the sun…we all shine on…come on and on and on…”
― john Lennon

The moon awoke me
in delicate light,
from restless dreams
and watchful night.

her generous presence
lit up my room,
unbalanced shadows
were exhumed.

Darkness had recruited me to stay awake,
to gather me into
tones opaque!

Then her luminescence
across my bed,
throwing light  
on what is unsaid,
reminding me
that hers
is merely
reflected light,
that unveils her glory
and embodies the night…


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In the gloaming…

In the gloaming
of euphoric sights,
the ocean
coaxed us
this holy night,
and stars appeared
to join the chorus,
a celebration
of light implored us,
to be the best
that we could be,
not shadowed by
and as we gazed
into the mirage
of time
we felt a shifting paradigm..

Songs of love
were all we knew,
in the ambience
of balmy views…


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Graceful intention…

“However, love is not a feeling. Love can be felt, but it is not a feeling. Love is a frequency. It is the action of God expressing himself through you as love.”
― Paul Selig, I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man’s Self in a Transitioning Time

I asked my God why he sent me here,
what he sent me here to do?
his voice came back as a whisper
as gentle as morning dew…

he spoke of love’s expression,
at the heart of my desires,
a warm and fuzzy feeling
a kindling
a fire…

he urged me not to grow weary
of doing good,
the reward may not be seen
or even understood…

“the road is paved with obstacles,
paths overgrown,
stand your ground dear one,
for you are not alone…

find the inner voice
that resides in silence,
listen with integrity
to faith, hope
and guidance…
there is much more to this world
than is seen with human eyes,
allow this knowing
to gradually materialize…

I installed in you a guidance system,
powered by love,
measure things
weigh your thoughts,
but always be desirous of
a heart tempered with mercy
in a frequency of light,
treat each human with dignity,
no matter their plight…

judgment can ruin the friendship
of other beliefs,
so listen between the lines
as your togetherness speaks…

I have given you a survival kit
on this journey of life,
baptize yourself in nature,
she will assuage your inmost strife…

Your prayers and supplications
are caught on the breeze,
absorbed by the elements
they flow through me with ease.
I’ve sheltered you with blue skies,
surrounded you in forests,
appointed you a guardian
to fulfill a sacred promise…

a courageous heart is possible,
sometimes birthed in pain,
please tell other mortals
that they too
are ordained…
to be ambassadors of love,
made in an image divine,
a wondrous celebration
a glorious design…

Allow words to fall tenderly
on every living thing,
teach them the dance,
and remind them how to sing….

Let your breath be of kindness,
unity and peace,
as you blossom with forgiveness
your joy will be increased.

It’s really about love,
that is all you have to do,
with graceful intention
love will see you through”…


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Set apart…

“Being human, we struggle constantly to stay with the miracle of what is and not to fall constantly into the black hole of what is not.”― Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

If prayers
were just breathing
out fragments of hope,
I would send them on the winds
over treacherous slopes…

I’d blow them over mountains, over valleys and plains,
I’d whisper in the silence and free you from pain…

Just incline your ear to the core of your being,
listen to your heartbeat
to the thoughts you believe…

in the still hours of love,
with the resonance of grace,
I will call out your name,
as your bravely exhale,
and shout out your sorrow in connections of light,
surround you with angels who honor your plight…

my tears softly listen to the meaning of your sighs,
to the density of heartbreak
where deep pain resides,
as they fall
and lovingly
onto healing grounds,
let me show you the realm
where joy still abounds…

I can’t uncry the sadness
nor unbreak your heart,
for we live in the current that sets us apart…


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Keep the lights on…

There’s a story
behind the story,
a memo unheard,
a brave recollection,
a song without words…
There’s a mood
that keeps changing
when the lights are still on,
a company of strangers
in this invisible throng..
There’s a time for silence
when words
aren’t enough,
a graceful departure,
a time to give up…
In the stillness
of evening
when the crowds
are all gone,
there’s the fragrant reminder
of an eloquent dawn….


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Just a moment in time…

“What is created in love is an eternal frequency, and the gift of love to another stays with them long after the encounter has gone.”
― Paul Selig, I Am the Word: a channeled text.

Against a delicate backdrop,
the ocean roared,
drowning out
all thought,
on expansive shores…

and the Time Lords
anointed me
in salty spray,
washing of the stain
of my decay…

And I became
the liquid
of softening mists,
once more
in accord
with all that exists…. 


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“When desolation surrounded you,
blessed be those who looked for you
and found you, their kind hands
urgent to open a blue window
in the gray wall formed around you.”
― John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings

she came to the end of herself
the very, very end,
where words failed her
and she unknowingly fell,
into a deep hollowness,
a colorless place
an emptiness of being
she could not escape…
and she wallowed in the greyness
of melancholy wear,
overwhelmed by disharmony
She had allowed the chaos
to discolor her life,
dulled into believing
only with her eyes…

now color is returning
and presence is found,
she’s kneeling again, on imperishable grounds…

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Rescued again by butterflies…

“It is better for the heart to break, than not to break.”
― Mary Oliver

I buried a scream once, behind my brave face, but there is always a reckoning, a sliding out of unbearable pain, like a dark thing that ambushes me when I least expect it.

It comes quickly with full force and drenches me to the bone in sadness, the ache is like a thunder-clap to my chest, my throat becomes clogged and choked in despair.
This monster entangles me in self-pity, it is a living thing, it worms its way into my flesh, crawling over my skin, burning me alive, tormenting me. For a time I am lost to its will.  
I sink into the graphic rawness of grief, no longer able to float above the heartbreak. I’m weighed down, leaden and gloomy.

A force greater than me allows this hurt to burst its banks, enabling my broken-heart to be exsanguinated…

I’m learning that it’s best to let it run its course, until I am rescued again by butterflies…


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In June of this year, my Dad aka Douglas-Henry would have been 100 years old. He was born after the Spanish flue in a place called Mvuma in Zimbabwe. I don’t think he would have taken kindly to the present lockdowns or booze ban (yes they have banned alcohol for the third time). He did however make his own mulberry wine and beer, which was quite lethal if I remember correctly, it could knock your socks off.

He was a futurist and predicted the landing on the moon when he was a child. People laughed at him and said it was impossible. He rode to school on a donkey and when he got there it was time to go home.
He made his own radio and grew up to be an electrical engineer. He taught me the inner workings of washing machines and he could fix any electrical crisis in two ticks. He was still climbing electricity pylons at 70 and had a portfolio of all the electrical installations and substations he had been involved in through the years.
He loved technology and was always keen to learn new things, however, he couldn’t boil an egg or make a cup of tea.

He was a member of a club in every city and he frequently played at the 19th hole.
In his 20s he drove from Bulawayo to Nairobi in a Morris minor where he met my English Mother..

I don’t really miss him because I have dreams about him riding a skateboard with my son, Stevie. He is in a much better place and he gets to hang out with some really cool post-material people.

He was a crazy brilliant dude who didn’t have much emotional intelligence, but hey, he lived in an era when you didn’t talk about your feelings. I think I got my love for science fiction from him and a taste for the exotic.

He used to say to me “your best isn’t good enough and sorry is too late”, which I think is absolute BS! He expected far too much of me, which didn’t bode well for me or him because I’m a rebel at heart.
He liked me quite a lot though, and on good days I would call him “Daddykins”. I think I taught him more than he taught me in the end, the loving part didn’t always come easy to him.
Believe it, your kids are your greatest teachers, I know mine are!

However, unknowingly he did teach me to be curious, to think for myself and question everything, even him!!