“I was not sure where I was going, and I could not see what I would do when I got [there]. But you saw further and clearer than I, and you opened the seas before my ship, whose track led me across the waters to a place I had never dreamed of, and which you were even then preparing to be my rescue and my shelter and my home.”
― Thomas MertonThe Seven Storey Mountain

other worldly

I’m lead on pathways of worthiness
sometimes in the dark,
molecules are overflowing,
into goodness I’ve embarked.

There’s a sense of comfort about me,
knowing the light is near,
in atmospheres of benevolence,
and chambers without fear.

Guided through the shadows,
in tenebrous whelms,
singing soothing canticles,
with grace at the helm.

So close to sacred vibrations,
that it absorbs my breath,
and the Divine is there to greet me,
to give me back my strength.

Shadows in the canyons,
have terrified my form,
resting in graceful havens,
I’m sheltered from the storm.

I lie down in grassy meadows,
where cool reservoirs flow,
a presence ever with me
and pleasures on me bestow.

I know this is the homestead,
where forever I shall dwell,
His mercy and His goodness
abide in cosmic realms.