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Graceful intention…

“However, love is not a feeling. Love can be felt, but it is not a feeling. Love is a frequency. It is the action of God expressing himself through you as love.”
― Paul Selig, I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man’s Self in a Transitioning Time

I asked my God why he sent me here,
what he sent me here to do?
his voice came back as a whisper
as gentle as morning dew…

he spoke of love’s expression,
at the heart of my desires,
a warm and fuzzy feeling
a kindling
a fire…

he urged me not to grow weary
of doing good,
the reward may not be seen
or even understood…

“the road is paved with obstacles,
paths overgrown,
stand your ground dear one,
for you are not alone…

find the inner voice
that resides in silence,
listen with integrity
to faith, hope
and guidance…
there is much more to this world
than is seen with human eyes,
allow this knowing
to gradually materialize…

I installed in you a guidance system,
powered by love,
measure things
weigh your thoughts,
but always be desirous of
a heart tempered with mercy
in a frequency of light,
treat each human with dignity,
no matter their plight…

judgment can ruin the friendship
of other beliefs,
so listen between the lines
as your togetherness speaks…

I have given you a survival kit
on this journey of life,
baptize yourself in nature,
she will assuage your inmost strife…

Your prayers and supplications
are caught on the breeze,
absorbed by the elements
they flow through me with ease.
I’ve sheltered you with blue skies,
surrounded you in forests,
appointed you a guardian
to fulfill a sacred promise…

a courageous heart is possible,
sometimes birthed in pain,
please tell other mortals
that they too
are ordained…
to be ambassadors of love,
made in an image divine,
a wondrous celebration
a glorious design…

Allow words to fall tenderly
on every living thing,
teach them the dance,
and remind them how to sing….

Let your breath be of kindness,
unity and peace,
as you blossom with forgiveness
your joy will be increased.

It’s really about love,
that is all you have to do,
with graceful intention
love will see you through”…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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